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Julbo Razor Edge Review: Impressive Ski Goggles With Light-Reactive Photochromic Lenses

This review includes an overview of the key features, pros and cons of these Julbo photochromic ski goggles with a super wide FOV.

Julbo is one of the most well-known brands of snow goggles and performance sunglasses for mountain sports, so I was excited to get my hands on the Razor Edge – Julbo’s new premium, bold, and frameless XXL photochromic ski goggle.

In this Julbo Razor Edge review, I dive into the key aspects that make the Julbo Razor Edge goggles stand out, including the revolutionary REACTIV High Contrast Lens that changes with the brightness of the light conditions, as well as a few potential disadvantages to be aware of before you buy a pair for yourself.

About the Julbo brand

Julbo was founded in France in 1888 initially to create protective eyewear for crystal-hunters in the Chamonix area. Yep, they’ve been making lenses for more than 130 years!

As mentioned at the start of this review, Julbo is one of the most well-known and well-respected ski goggles brands out there, and they offer a range of different style goggles to suit different types of skiiers and snowboarders’ preferences.

Many of these goggles feature their REACTIV photochromic lens technology, which means the lenses automatically transition from lighter to darker depending on the amount of UV light present.

Julbo Razor Edge review 3

The key specifications of the Julbo Razor Edge goggles

  • Lens Technology: REACTIV High Contrast Lens, photochromic with a wide-ranging visible light transmission rate meaning the lenses can adapt to changing light conditions.
  • Vision Enhancement: Oversized, cylindrical lens for maximized peripheral and vertical vision.
  • Fit and Comfort: Dual-density foam for optimal fit, with a soft-touch layer against the skin. Extra-wide 50mm strap, double-adjustable, with full silicone backing.
  • Helmet Compatibility: Offset strap design, suitable for all helmet types and sizes.
  • Ventilation: Integrated Air Flow system to prevent fogging. There are vents at the top and bottom of the goggles.
  • Interchangeable Lens System: SureLock system for easy lens replacement – although you probably won’t need to change lenses often, if at all given their photochromic properties.
  • Durability and Quality: Slim-frame construction with an anti-fog coating and built-in vents to prevent fogging.
  • Dimensions and Weight: Lens Height – 99mm, Lens Width – 165mm, Weight – 130g.
  • Additional Features: Includes a microfiber goggle bag – but no hard case.

Julbo Razor Edge Reactiv GC Glare Control 1 3 Lenses
The light-reactive lens on the Julbo Razor Edge snow goggles

5 features of the Julbo Razor Edge goggles that I love

1. REACTIV High Contrast Lens

I absolutely love how the Razor Edge goggles come with Julbo’s REACTIV photochromic lens.

The ability to adjust the visible light transmission rate means they provide excellent visibility in a variety of light conditions, from bright sun to low light.

When you choose your goggles, pay attention not just to the color of the lens and strap, but what snow conditions that particular lens is best for.

This is because the different lens finishes have different ranges of visible light transmission rates – or more simply, some are darker than others and are better for very bright conditions, whereas others are better for lower-light, more overcast conditions.

In the context of the USA, for example, if you mainly ski out west where there are a lot of bluebird bright days, then you may opt for the same lens I have (‘REACTIV Glare Control 1-3’), which is designed to provide optimal clarity in bright Western weather conditions.

This versatility is a game-changer for both backcountry adventures and resort skiing, and given this technology exists, I would go as far as to say no ski goggles should be without this feature.

Julbo Razor Edge review
Your field of vision doesn’t really get any larger than this!

2. Maximized Vision

The oversized, cylindrical lens offers an expansive field of vision.

Julbo describes these goggles as being XXL. I’d agree that they the largest pair of ski goggles I’ve worn, both in terms of the amount of peripheral vision they offer as well as the vertical visibility they provide.

When worn without the helmet, they are too big, to stay comfortably and well-fitted on my face. Not that that’s a big deal for me, given I always ski with a helmet on.

But if you want goggles you can wear without a helmet then you may find these too big, too, unless your head is much larger than mine.

3. Comfortable Fit with Dual-Density Foam

The goggles feature dual-density foam, ensuring a snug yet comfortable fit against my face.

The soft-touch layer is particularly nice, offering additional comfort during long days on the mountain.

I also like that the foam has a small cut-out in the nose area, to enhance the fit without extra pressure on the bridge of your nose.

Julbo Razor Edge bottom ventilation is built into the frame to promote air circulation and prevent fogging.jpg

4. Air Flow Ventilation

The integrated Air Flow system is a standout feature for me. What that basically means is there are vents in the top and bottom of the goggles, so air can easily flow through them.

It provides just the right amount of air circulation inside the goggles, effectively preventing them from fogging up in varied weather conditions, which is essential for uninterrupted skiing or snowboarding.

Julbo Razor Edge An extra wide strap for an assertive style and guaranteed grip

5. Wide, Grippy Strap

The extra-wide, 50mm strap with a full silicone backing and double adjustability ensures the goggles stay securely in place.

3 way I think the Julbo Razor Edge ski goggles could be improved

1. No hard case included

The Julbo Razor Edge come with a microfiber goggle bag with a protective area for the lens portion of the goggles, but unlike other ski goggles I’ve owned and reviewed, there is no hard case included.

This is a shame because I always appreciate my goggles being protected from hard knocks when in transit, especially when I’m flying to go skiing and my beloved gear has to get checked and at the whims of baggage handlers.

2. The angular ‘Batman’ look isn’t for everyone

On the one hand, I love that these Julbo ski goggles don’t look like every other bulbous spherical ski goggles on the market. Not everyone wants to look like a Top Gun extra when they ski; the angular points at the bottom give them an edgier vibe.

On the other hand, I definitely felt like I was channeling Batman when I first put them on. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, either, just a more distinct style than many competitors out there – and I believe that’s a GOOD thing.

3. Too large to wear without a helmet

As I mentioned earlier in this Razor Edge review, these are very large goggles – and they may well look and feel too big for you if you wear them without a helmet.

Are they worth buying?

If you’re after premium panoramic ski goggles that won’t fog up, offer an incredible field of view and benefit you with photochromic light-adaptive lenses, then the Julbo Razor Edge goggles are a great choice.

At $260 (or a little more depending on your lens choice), they’re priced competitively amongst other popular ski goggles on the market, come with a lifetime warranty and with their distinctive good looks, will gain you attention next time you step out on the slopes. $269.95
1 new from $269.95
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Last Amazon price update was: 20th February 2024 12:30 pm

Review summary

Julbo Razor Edge review by Helen from Trail and Kale
Julbo Razor Edge Review: Light-Reactive Ski Goggles
Light-responsive lens technology means you only need one lens for a range of light conditions
Excellent ventilation and unlikely to fog up
Unique shape bucks the spherical jet fighter pilot shape trend
Super horizontal and vertical field of vision
Being XXL, you may find these too big for your face
Goggles did not fit when tried on without a helmet
No hard case included
Overall Score

Julbo Razor Edge goggles photos

One of Trail & Kale's co-founders, Mom to Seb and guardian of our resident adventure dog, Kepler, Helen can be found trail running with Kepler and enjoying road runs with a jogging stroller, all while testing out the latest running gear for our readers.


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