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Skyrace Des Matheysins

? Featured image photo credit: Skyrace des Matheysins, Rainer Ost

The start of Skyrace Des Matheysins will take place on the Matheysine (alt. 900 m), 30 km South Grenoble, French Alps. The first few km are pretty easy-going and will take you to the Devil’s Garden, a wonderful single on the mountainside.

From there, you will evolve on a line of peaks for nearly 6 km, with several summits between 2200 and 2400 m high, technical areas, snow, a panoramic view of all the surrounding mountains. The downhill is also very pleasant, with a very nice single track in the forest.

Local beer upon arrival.

When does it take place?

  • May – please check the race website for this year’s exact dates.

Where does the race start?

  • Saint-Honoré – France

Skyrace Des Matheysins Profile

skyrace des matheysins course map skyrace des matheysins race profile trail and kale


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  • Distance = 27 km
  • Elevation Gain = 1980m

Event Media

Skyrace Des Matheysins Reviews

Compulsory Gear for the Skyrace Des Matheysins

Please visit the race website to check you have all items on the list of mandatory gear.

Race website


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