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Lululemon Scuba Oversized Hoodie Review: A Twist On The Classic Scuba Hoodie!

My Lululemon Scuba Oversized Hoodie review includes how it differs from the original, key features, pros, cons, and sizing tips to get the right fit.

As a long-term reviewer of lululemon women’s gear (I’ve been doing so for more than 10 years!) I’m always excited to see their new products and twists on the style of their classics.

This lululemon Scuba Oversized Hoodie review focuses on the new ‘oversized’ version of lululemon’s super-popular classic top, the Scuba Hoodie.

This review covers the key features of the Scuba Oversized Full Zip Hoodie, how it differs from the original, what it’s like to wear, and sizing tips, as well as plenty of photos, details on where to buy one, and a summary of the hoodie’s pros and cons.

For the most part I’ll just be referring to this hoodie as the Scuba Oversized Hoodie, without the “Full Zip” in the name, as that’s too much of a mouthful to keep mentioning, lol. Right, let’s dive in to this review then!

lululemon scuba oversized hoodie review by Helen | Trail and Kale
lululemon Scuba Oversized Full Zip Hoodie Review by Helen | Trail and Kale

Key features of the lululemon Scuba Oversized Hoodie

This is a hoodie designed for everyday wear, rather than a specific activity such as running – there are more appropriate, fitted, sweat-wicking lululemon tops such as the Run Swiftly Long Sleeve that are designed for running in.

So while it’s not running gear or sportswear, the Oversized Full Zip Scuba Hoodie is designed by lululemon for ‘on the move’, meaning it’s a go-every, do everything top, made from a cotton-blend fleece material that has some breathable properties.

It pairs really well with the Align leggings and other lifestyle / running leggings by lululemon, and also their Chargefeel 2 trainers.

What makes it ‘oversized’

Oversized is pretty much what you’d expect. This hoodie is spacious around the waist, and also around the arms, which are wide, and long.

lululemon Scuba Oversized Full Zip large hood
I love the large hood

lululemon Scuba Oversized Hoodie compared to the classic version

Compared to the classic lululemon scuba hoodie that you may own, or be deciding between this and that version, the Scuba Oversized hoodie:

  • Is made from the same cotton-polyester blend material
  • Has a shorter, waist length rather than hip-length
  • Has wider sleeves
  • Has similar-length sleeves – the sleeves on the classic scuba hoodie are also quite long
  • Has similar design features, such as the large logo on the hood, the large hood, fleece-lined pockets and styling details
  • Has different sizing options, which I’ll go into later in this review
  • Is a similar price. This particular style costs $128, compared to $118 for the classic scuba.

Choosing between them really comes down mostly to your style preference of how you want the hoodie to look.

I would also say the classic scuba hoodie is warmer, because it’s more fitted and has that longer length. So cold wind drafts won’t blow up your back under the hoodie, whereas with the oversized hoodie that’s what you get (and it’s pretty nice on a warmer day!).

It’s worth knowing that lululemon currently also sells a cropped version of the classic scuba hoodie. So if you don’t fancy the ‘oversized’ style, but like the shorter length, that version is also worth checking out (and here’s a link to the full range of different scuba hoodie styles!).

lululemon Scuba Oversized Full Zip hood has a nice big lulu logo on it
Large lululemon logo on the Scuba Oversized Hoodie’s hood

Style, look and feel

As mentioned earlier in this review, this hoodie is definitely more of a style choice than simply a warm hoodie.

While I like the overall look of the style, I don’t enjoy the wide sleeves as much as I thought I would.

Living in a warm climate (Northern California), I like the shorter length and ventilation it naturally provides, as I get hot pretty easily when I wear my longer classic scuba hoodies.

The scuba material is one of my favorite lululemon materials. It’s super soft, doesn’t pill, washes well time after time.

You can own one of these hoodies for years and it will still look new, which makes it an item that turns out to be pretty good value in the long run, as you’ll get a ton of wear out of it.

Like the regular hoodie, I also like to be able to zip the Oversized Full Zip Scuba Hoodie all the way up, and not feel like it’s getting in the way of my mouth.

The wide neckline allows me to do that, and I like the look of it zipped up more than I do open. It’s also less ‘flappy’ if I’m doing something active.

lululemon Scuba Oversized Full Zip Hoody is so soft inside
Soft, fleecy lining helps make this a super cosy layer

Speaking of the zipper, on this particular item I found that it catches where the neck material seam is sewn in (the area by my finger, pictured above).

This is a minor nuisance and not something I encountered on another one of the same product (as I originally ordered a larger size and had to exchange it for a smaller one).

lululemon Scuba Oversized Full Zip has thumb loops which I love
Every hoodie should have thumb holes, in my opinion

The thumb holes – I believe every hoody should come with them, especially when the sleeves are long, and the good news is the lululemon Scuba Oversized Hoodie does.

This particular lululemon product comes in a wide selection of color options – mine is in the ‘Sheer Blue’ color, as pictured in the photos throughout this review.

lululemon Scuba Oversized Full Zip Hoody is my new favorite hoody
Long arms on this hoodie

How to choose the right size

Unlike other lululemon women’s tops including the classic Scuba and the Swiftly top range, the Scuba Oversized Hoodie doesn’t come in typical women’s numbered sizing.

The size options are more limited, to three options: XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL.

I am normally a size 8 in lululemon apparel (which translates to a Medium) so I initially ordered the hoody in the M/L. However, despite expecting it to be large on me (it is called ‘oversized’, after all), it was huge so I exchanges it for the XS/S, which fits better.

You can check size and color availability on the product page of lululemon’s website.

lululemon Scuba Oversized Full Zip Hoody has an easy to grab zip toggle
Easy to grab toggle with lululemon logo, it also doubles as an emergency hair tie

Cost and where to buy – is the Scuba Oversized Hoodie worth it?

The retail price of US $128 is pretty typical for a premium hoodie and in line with pricing of other lululemon gear.

As mentioned earlier in this review, the quality of the material and design, and in particular how it stands up to a lot of wear and washing, means it will last you a long time, making it a great buy if you like the features and style of this edition.

The button below will take you to the product page where you can check the price as well as the current range of sizes and colorways:

You can also check their Like New resale store for great deals on Scuba Hoodies and other men’s and women’s lululemon gear. To learn more about lululemon’s ‘Like New’ program, read my post about How To Trade In Used Gear & Score Great Deals, next.

lululemon Scuba Oversized Hoodie Review Summary

lululemon Scuba Oversized Full Zip Review by Helen from Trail and Kale
lululemon Scuba Oversized Hoodie Review
Soft, cosy and with an oversized hood
Thoughtful design details such as the large hood, thumb holes and just-right length
Great color options
More unusual style than the original / classic longer length, fitted Scuba Hoodie
Zipper sometimes catches on a seam on my particular item, maybe this will improve with time? Stay tuned!

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One of Trail & Kale's co-founders, Mom to Seb and guardian of our resident adventure dog, Kepler, Helen can be found trail running with Kepler and enjoying road runs with a jogging stroller, all while testing out the latest running gear for our readers.


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