Jaybird Tarah Pro Review – The Ultimate Running Headphones?


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Lately, I have had the pleasure of testing and reviewing a few different headphones for running and have noticed that each have their pros and cons but to be honest there’s not much to dislike about the Jaybird Tarah Pro Wireless Headphones. Hopefully, this review will answer any questions you may have about the Jaybird Tarah Pro but if not please ask me anything in the comments below.

The Jaybird Tarah Pro wireless headphones have a really long battery life, are fully weatherproof, and can be worn over your ears for a comfortable and completely secure fit. They also have some unique features that make them my current go-to headphones for trail running, ultrarunning, and hiking. Now you know what sets them apart, let’s get into the finer details, and why I like them so much in this detailed Jaybird Tarah Pro review.

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If you’re just looking for my summary and rating CLICK HERE.

Jaybird Tarah Pro review Trail Kale

What’s the Sound quality like?

I’m impressed with the audio quality on the Tarah Pro. What really contributes to the good sound quality is the ear canal seal created by the tips. In the box, you’ll find different tips to choose from depending on your ear shape and size, this will ensure a good quality seal and a more immersive experience.

Are the Jaybird Tarah Pro good for running?

They have been designed with outdoor sports in mind so yes, and in my experience, they are really good for running. Their lightweight design, secure fitting tips/fins, switch fit functionality, 14-hour battery life, and IPX7 weatherproof durability make them really comfortable for ultrarunning too.

Continue reading for a closer look at some cool features that stand out for me, making them in my opinion, the ultimate wireless headphones for running.

Jaybird Tarah Pro review Trail Kale wm 3

Switch Fit over-the-ear design

After trying out all the different ways that the Tarah Pro can be worn, the Switch Fit over-the-ear method is the only way I’ll use them now. Switch Fit allows you to rotate the earbuds so that the fabric sport cord/wire exits upward, allowing them to easily hook over your ears and round the back of your head, where you can secure them with an adjustable cinch. When worn like this, the headphones will remain locked to your head, feeling as though you’re not wearing anything. Adding to the comfort is the curved control panel which contours the side of your head perfectly.


Jaybird Tarah Pro review Trail Kale wm 6

Magnetic Snap Lock earbuds

Ok, say you’re out for a run and you bump into someone you know. With the Jaybird Tarah Pro you can take out the earbuds and snap them together magnetically, leaving the headphones secured around your neck, well, like a necklace. But what’s really cool is that your music will automatically pause when the buds are connected this way. So, when you put them back in after having a quick catch up with your buddy, the music will start playing where it left off. Alternatively, if you leave them connected like this then they will automatically turn off after 15 or so minutes, saving battery life. My YouTube video below shows how Snap Lock works.

Jaybird Tarah Pro Battery Life

With an Industry-leading battery life of 14 hours, the Tarah Pro are the perfect headphones for ultrarunners, trail runners and those who travel a lot where charging access may not be readily available. There’s also a quick-charge feature that provides 2 hours of battery life for only 5 minutes of charge time. So, if you forget to charge your headphones before a run, you can just plug them in before you get dressed and they’ll be ready before you step out the door.

Jaybird Tarah Pro review Trail Kale wm 7

Jaybird Tarah Pro Charger

Jaybird Sport has created a proprietary charger for the Tarah Pro, which means you can’t use a charging cable that you may already own for another device. They designed it this way to ensure that the connection point on the headphones is fully IPX7 weatherproof, this would not have been possible with a standard USB connector for example.

Can you use the Jaybird Tarah Pro in the rain?

Yes, you can, even in the worst weather conditions. This is a pretty essential feature for trail runners because we never know what mountain weather may throw at us during a run. Knowing that the Tarah Pro headphones are so durable makes them a great investment.

How much do they weigh?

The Tarah Pro weighs 20g/0.7oz, which in my research is one of the lightest high-quality wireless headphones on the market.

Jaybird Tarah Pro App

The companion app allows you to customize the EQ settings to create unique, personal sound profiles and then save them to your buds. This is nice as everyone has their own tastes, especially while running. The Jaybird app also allows you to share and explore playlists with the community, as long as you use Spotify.



Jaybird Tarah Pro Specs

Type: In-ear style
Noise-isolation: Passive
Impedance: 16 Ohm
Speaker sensitivity: 103 +/- 2dB at 1KHz
Output max. 12mW RMS (with level limit)
Total harmonic distortion <5% (1KHz, 1mW)
Audio format: 16-bit stereo
Codec: Bluetooth SBC implementation
Response bandwidth: 20Hz – 20kHz
Driver size: 6 mm

Play time: 14 Hrs*
Charging time: 2 Hrs
Quick charge: 5 min = 2 hour playtime
Charging: Via USB charging cable with Pogo pin connector
Input power: DC 5V 1A
Type: Lithium Ion
Battery voltage: 3.7V
Energy voltage in watt hrs per battery: 0.28wh
*May vary dependent on usage, device & aging

Bluetooth version: 5.0
Frequency band: 2.4 GHz
Profiles: Handsfree , Headset , A2DP , AVCRP , SPP
Wireless range: Class 2 standard range 10m/33ft

Type: MEMS, omni directional
Sensitivity: -38dB +/- 3dB (Test conditions: 1KHz, 0db = 1V/Pa)

Any Bluetooth device with HFP, HSP and A2DP

Headset: 490mm x 20mm x 22mm
Controller: 43mm x 11.9mm x 6mm
Charger: 111.8mm x 33.57mm x 7.2mm
Weight of headphones (without eargel): 20g
Weight of charger: 6.5g

Jaybird Tarah Pro Full User Manual

You can find further help, resources and the user manual for the Jaybird Tarah Pro HERE.

Jaybird Tarah Pro vs X4: What’s the Difference?

This is a commonly asked question, so let me summarise in a nutshell. The Jaybird Tarah Pro has lower latency, a more accurate treble range, and almost double the battery life. The Tarah Pro also has magnetic and rotating earbuds allowing for a much more secure fit while running or biking. It also has a braided cable with woven-in reflectivity. So the Tarah Pro is far superior but then again the Jaybird X4 wireless headphones are much less expensive.

As the founder of Trail & Kale, and seasoned marathoner & ultrarunner, Alastair loves bringing our readers independent running shoe reviews and gear insights to help you run your best. Learn more about Trail & Kale here.


    • VISTA for me definitely, but then again some people like having the wire between the two because then there’s less chance of dropping/losing one…

  1. I have this earbud. And I can attest. It is the most bubonic chronic earbuds I have ever had.
    Used it for 8 hr training sessions for old fight style (I used to box – had several smokers but never turned pro) I would run 10 miles and put 30-40 rounds of ring work *Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles. It is tough as all get up!!!! The absolute ultimate Ultra headphone/earbuds. Period dot full stop. Using it to train for the Lake Tahoe Midnight Express. But this straight Angeles Crest level “banging with trash metal and Jeff Buckley” as you run type of headphones. Simply the best. Zero weaknesses.

  2. Hi – looking for buds for my son – runner and audiophile. I’ve read great reviews, but two negative caught my eye. One user complained that the cord bounced up and down on the back of his neck when he ran – drove him nuts. Is this a real problem, or does the cinch on the back solve that? Another complained about uncomfortable earbuds and poor sound. Does this sound like he had them in wrong (does to me) – whereas you state they are comfortable and sound great. Comments?

    • Hey James,
      1. Had no problem with the cord bouncing up and down because as you suggested, the cinch on the back tightens it up around the back of your head.
      2. Earbuds are very comfortable for me and I personally think the sound is excellent when used with the right equalizers on the Jaybird app.

  3. Hey Alastair,
    Thanks for the comprehensive review. Got a question about Bluetooth/Audio codec. Right now am using Samsung S10 plus paired with UA JBL True Wireless Flash earbuds. The bids does everything it should with 1 annoying exception. It does not do Whatsapp calls.. I can’t hear anything. But it does regular calls no problem. Tried changing the codec on my phone to no avail. I see that Tarah pro supports SBC, to my layman understand Whatsapp VOIP calls runs on AAC. Any chance you’ve tried making calls via WhatsApp/Voip using the tarah pro? I’m pulling out my hair each time i get Whatsapp calls while using these UA JBL buds.

  4. Just picked these up and they’d be perfect if the let some ambient noise in. Going to look for something else that let’s you have the option to hear what’s going on around you.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Hi Alastair. I recently bought these, and they’re great except for one issue: if the cord rubs against the back of my neck or shirt, or literally anything, the rubbing is amplified in the earbuds. This didn’t happen with my rubber-corded X3 buds but is rather annoying with these, despite the buds being seemingly very snug in my ears. Did you have this problem at all?

      • Thanks for the reply. I did, but the rest of the cord still hangs and rubs against my shirt. Jaybird’s old cord-shortening clips didn’t leave any part hanging. I’ve been twisting the hanging piece up underneath itself so it’s sticking up instead of down. I guess that’ll have to be my solution for now.

        • Ah yes that’s probably the best solution. There’s always the Jaybird VISTA which are really great totally wireless headphones.

  6. I am trying to choose between the Jaybird Tarah Pro and the JBLUA Sport Wireless Pivot Bluetooth Headphones. Tara Pro has distinct advantages with the 14 hour battery life and 5 min 2 hour quick charge. I also like the option of over or under the ear with Switch fit. I have read reviews that noted coating on the control wore off easily and another that complained of issues caused by the magnetic pause and shut-off. The only real advantage the JBL offers are the “bionic hearing” and the “talk through technology” which allow use of mics to pick-up ambient sounds such as car horns or bike bells when running, or to lower music and allow proper hearing for a brief conversation without removing earbuds or stopping music, such as speaking with a sales clerk at a register checkout. They are also designed to work with the UA Map My Run App and come with a free year. Just not sure if these features are “nice to have” but not critical compared to longer battery life and quick charging. Finally there is the issue of the Jaybird proprietary charging cradle as opposed to the JBL’s micro USB (noted this is old tech compared to USB C). This may not be a very big issue with 14 hours of battery life. Still it is nice to have the ability to use other charging cords when traveling. Oh, and JBL has a hard case as opposed to a cloth pouch for their headphones. Any thoughts or input on this to help me choose?

    • Hey William,

      I don’t have any experience with the JBLUA Sport Wireless Pivot Bluetooth Headphones unfortunately so can’t offer an opinion on how they compare with the Jaybird Tarah Pro. The do sound good though based on what you’ve mentioned about them! The Tarah Pro is an excellent choice too though!


  7. Unfortunately pretty disappointed with these headphones having bought them based on your reviews.
    Having a lot of trouble getting the bluetooth recognition to work with multiple devices and when out and about the connection drops suddenly and means you have to stop and reconnect to get it back. A particular nuisance in freezing temperatures when wearing gloves. Also the function to advance to the next track by pressing and holding ‘+’ doesn’t seem to be working for me but I intend to play around with it more when not running.

  8. Thanks for your positive review Alastair. On the strength of it I bought a pair of Tarah Pro’s, which generally I was extremely pleased with. However, I needed to return them after a few days because the facility to skip back to the previous music track stopped working. I could re start the current track but was unable to go back to the previous. I’d really like to buy another pair but for the life of me cannot get a definitive answer from Jaybird as to whether this was just a faulty pair of earphones or they have intentionally removed the facility to skip back a track. (I use them mostly with Spotify). I would really appreciate clarification on this. Many thanks Alastair. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Reg,

      Unfortunately I no longer have my Tarah Pro’s to test for you – but I’m pretty sure I could skip back a track no problem. I wonder if it is a new firmware update that has a bug in it?

      I’m now running with the KLH Fusion earbuds which I have to say i seriously good earbuds for the money. They are completely wireless, and even have noise cancelling built in. My review is here if you’d like to read up about them: KLH Fusion Review


  9. Hey ! Do you have any information as to why the Tarah pro is no longer manufactured or available for purchase? In my opinion, they are the best running headphones ever.


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