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The On Cloud Beam is yet another innovative running shoe from the stylish Swiss Apparel brand. Although the Cloud Beam performs very well as a running shoe, On is marketing it as an active lifestyle shoe for urban explorers. You can think of it as a lifestyle shoe that is comfortable enough to be worn all day long while exploring a city, but also with the performance of a running shoe ready for an impromptu post-work run.

The Cloud Beam should have you covered whatever you decide to do in them. This On Cloud Beam review takes a detailed look at all the key features of the On Cloud Beam, how they perform as an all-day lifestyle shoe, as a running shoe, plus how well they rank against other On running shoes on the market.

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On Cloud Beam Fit & Design

On Cloud Beam review Trail Kale wm 9

On Cloud Beam Upper Construction

The On Cloud Beam introduces an innovative new 3D embossed upper material that feels soft and holds your feet comfortably in place. The upper is also breathable which is important for shoes that are intended to be worn all day long in an active manner.

I’m wearing these shoes all the time at the moment, they’re a great Summer active-wear shoe due to their effective ventilation and low weight of 246g / 8.6oz.

On Cloud Beam review Trail Kale wm 12
On Cloud Beam inner sock construction

I love how well they fit, which feels very similar to the On Cloud X and the On Cloud. The On Cloud Beam has an inner sock too, which works so well for keeping the tongue in place and eliminating any chafe points within the shoe. The durability of the upper has been very good so far, due in part to On’s high-quality construction.


On Cloud Beam review Trail Kale wm 8

The Cloud Beam has a finger loop at the rear to make slipping them on very quick and easy. Something that’s new to On running shoes is the fat laces that come with the Cloud Beam. I think they look really stylish, but they also serve the purpose of creating a cushioned yet secure fit when fastened (see picture below).

On Cloud Beam review Trail Kale wm 13

Padding around the heel area is soft and comfortable. The side walls don’t rise too high either, which give me more flexibility in the ankle/Achilles heel areas without unwanted rubbing. It’s generally a really comfortable fit that feels great right out the box, with absolutely no ‘breaking-in’ necessary.

On Cloud Beam Sizing Consistency

The On Cloud Beam fit is consistent with other On running shoes, which is also consistent with other popular brands including Nike, Salomon, Inov-8, and Merrell.

On Cloud Beam Support Type

The Cloud Beam has neutral arch support, which I love. This neutral support is consistent with all other On shoes I have worn. I really like the lack of seams inside too as there’s nothing in there to rub on your feet or cause discomfort.

On Cloud Beam review Trail Kale wm 4

On Cloud Beam Midsole

There’s very good cushioning in the midsole, great for being on your feet all day long, whether at work, the gym, running, or all of the above.

On Cloud Beam Outsole

On Cloud Beam review Trail Kale wm 6

If you haven’t tried “Running On Clouds” before, you must! They’ll make you want to run faster, I don’t know why they just do. I always notice this, especially when putting on a new pair. The cloud pods give you that feeling of a cushioned landing, as they compress under your weight and forward force but also provide the feeling of a barefoot take off as the pods are compressed and then spring back at the time of your foot leaving the ground. The CloudTec® outsole and Zero-Gravity foam offer outstanding impact protection and energy return.

On Cloud Beam review Trail Kale wm 11

See above for a closer look at the outsole tread. It’s simple but effective for everyday active lifestyle usage and road running.

On Cloud Beam Drop

There’s a drop of 6mm from heel to toe. It’s a happy medium for runners who like a minimal drop and others who prefer more. I’m a fan of keeping the drop as low as possible on the trails as it helps to improve my running form and gives me a better feel for the trail underfoot. Having a bit of a drop on the roads though can help to keep you leaning forward for a more aggressive form.

On Cloud Beam Weight

Weighing in at 246g | 8.7 oz (US M 8.5) the On Cloud Beam is a very lightweight running shoe.

On Cloud Beam Toe Box

On Cloud Beam review Trail Kale wm 7

The toe box is medium width and feels nice and airy due to the breathable upper material.

On Cloud Beam Review Summary

On Cloud Beam trail and kale
On Cloud Beam
Design & Function
Very comfortable
Versatile lifestyle/running/training Shoes
Love the unique style
A little expensive
Overall Score

For an active lifestyle shoe, the On Cloud Beam has done a fantastic job of reaching #3 on my Best On Running Shoes list! It may be marketed as a lifestyle shoe for active explorers but it’s also an excellent running shoe.

You can think of the Cloud Beam as a lifestyle shoe that’s comfortable enough to be worn all day long while exploring a city, but also with the performance of a running shoe ready for an impromptu run. The On Cloud Beam has you covered whatever you decide to do in them, including hitting the gym.

In answer to my question in this post title, these lightweight, breathable running shoes are in my opinion On’s most stylish, and comfortable lifestyle shoes yet! If you ever see me out and about, these are the shoes I’ll be wearing!

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