INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter Review

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INMOTION is on a mission to change how people travel around town. The California-based company was founded in 2017 and offers a range of fun electric scooters, e-bikes, e-unicycles, skateboards and… wait for it… hover shoes! This INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter review covers the ‘L8F’ scooter model, which I have been riding around on for quite some time, and is capable of covering up 22 miles on one charge, tackling some pretty steep gradients and offering some very cool lighting features which I’ll go into in more detail below.

INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter Review: Table of Contents

What’s it like riding the L8F Electric Scooter?

One word… FUN!

To elaborate, the L8F scooter has easy, smooth acceleration and is pretty agile for zooming around town or your local neighborhood. It could also be a great option for commuting if you live somewhere dry. It’s great on hills and has some confidence-boosting braking technology, which you may need given how quickly it moves, so it’s good to know it can stop pretty quickly too. This is my first time ever riding an electric scooter and can honestly say that my entire experience with the L8F so far has been super fun, and easy to get the hang of from the outset.

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L8F Scooter Key Features

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Speed, acceleration and braking

First things first – the L8F Scooter has a maximum speed of 18mph, which can be achieved on flat surfaces as well as of course downhill. To accelerate, with one foot on the scooter, you push off the ground with the other foot and push down on the blue lever on the right handlebar. The scooter will continue accelerating to the maximum speed it is capable of given the conditions, gradient, and weight of the rider. See my video below for a demonstration of its acceleration, top speed and braking distance.

A neat feature worth mentioning here is that if you need or want to, you can also use the accompanying smartphone app to restrict the top speed to a slower speed, for example if you want to limit it for local speed regulations or if a child is going to be using it.

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The L8F has two brakes: an electric brake controlled by the level next to the left handle, and a manual brake controlled by stepping on the rear wheel cover.

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To see what the speed, acceleration and braking time looks like in real life, check out my video review below, where I also demonstrate the other key features of this scooter that are described in this post.

Range – how far can you go on one charge?

The L8F Electric Scooter has a maximum range of 22 miles on one charge. This should be achievable if it is being ridden on flat, smooth surfaces. The range will be reduced depending on how it is used, the rider’s weight, and how frequent and steep any hills are that it is being used on.

Speaking of hills, the L8F can power you up hills with gradients of up to 15 degrees incline! I demonstrate how it performs up a steep hill on my video review. The speed is dramatically reduced while going up hill but it still manages to power up an 11degree incline with relative ease.

Folding and portability

At 26.5lb the L8F scooter is not particularly lightweight. However, the weight lends it the feel of a solid and robust gadget that isn’t going to fall apart. That said, it is not something you’d want to carry long distances.

In order to move it around more easily, the scooter folds at the push of a button and has two small suitcase-style wheels so you can pick up one end and wheel it around. The ease of folding also means that it’s easy to fold it up and put it in the trunk of your car if you want to take it somewhere.

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Lights, so many lights

The range of light features on the L8F are outstanding, and very fun to play with and customize. These are all explained and demonstrated in the video, and include indicators on the handlebar, a brake light, rear wheel light, front headlamp and a very jazzy dynamic light bar down the front of the scooter.


By using the INMOTION App you can edit your settings, which includes controlling the light settings, see how far your scooter has traveled (in total and since its last charge), how long you’ve been using it and how many miles it has left before it will need charging up.

L8F Electric Scooter Video Review

Where to buy the L8F Scooter

The best place to buy the L8F is directly from INMOTION on their website. While you’re there, it’s also worth checking out their other innovative and fun electric mobility products.

INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter Review Summary

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INMOTION L8F Electric Scooter Review
Design & Function
Performance & Reliability
Value For Money
Impressive range and top speed
Dual brake options
Customizable and innovative light features
Robust build
Not for use in the wet
At 26.5lb, pretty heavy
Overall Score

Answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does the L8F Scooter weigh?


Is it waterproof?

It has an IP54 rating. This means it is protected from water spray in all directions – so I would not take it out in the rain, very wet conditions or submerge it.

What is the maximum payload of the L8F Scooter?


Do I need to inflate the tires?

The front wheel is solid and does not need inflating. The rear tire is airfilled so you may need to inflate it from time to time.

How noisy is the L8F scooter?

It’s pretty quiet, as would be expected given it’s electric (see the video review for a demo).

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