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PAKA Apu Parka Review: Is Alpaca Wool-Based Insulation The Next Big Thing In Outdoor Apparel?

I've been testing out the exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio of PAKA's ethical Alpaca wool, and I'm sold on it.

RUX 70L Review: A Rugged Gear Storage Solution… But Is It Worth The Hefty Price Tag?

It's as if a gear duffel bag and a utility storage bin got together and created an adventure-ready baby. Here's what else you need to know about the RUX.

Julbo Razor Edge Review: Impressive Ski Goggles With Light-Reactive Photochromic Lenses

This review includes the key features, pros and cons of these Julbo ski goggles, including the revolutionary Julbo REACTIV lens.

REI’s Gear Up Get Out Sale 2023: Top Deals On Running Gear

Our top picks of the best deals in REI's November 2023 sale, with discounts up to 50% off!

The Best Satellite Messengers & Personal Locator Beacons

Best Satellite Messengers and PLBs for trail running, ultrarunning, backpacking, and camping. Stay Safe on the trails with these best in class GPS trackers.

Best Ski Goggles For Skiing and Snowboarding

Read our buyer's guide to the best ski goggles for skiing and snowboarding, for men and women in all snow conditions.

Best Ski Socks For Men And Women

Buyers guide to the best ski socks that will be warm and comfortable for skiing and snowboarding, plus recommendations from top sock brands.

Best Down Booties and Slippers for Camping, Backpacking & Van Life

The best insulated down and synthetic booties for camping, backpacking, skiing, van life and wearing at home to keep feet warm in winter.

Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie Review: Ultralight Gear Just Got Even Lighter!

This Outdoor Vitals Ventus Hoodie review covers the key features of this ultra lightweight, insulated, packable jacket for backpacking & more.

What to Wear Skiing & Snowboarding

This men's and women's ski gear checklist covers what to wear skiing (or snowboarding) so you don't forget to pack your ski trip essentials.

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On Cloudsurfer Trail Review: I’m Keeping These Trail Runners! 👌🏼

With its responsive cushion, durable grip, and light, airy feel The On Cloudsurfer Trail is ideal for taking on light trails, and extra miles!

Nathan Pinnacle Featherlite Review: An Everyday Running Hydration Vest

A lightweight, breathable running hydration vest for carrying the bare essentials on road and trail runs.
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What is Snowshoeing and 5 Simple Tips To Learn to Snowshoe for Beginners

This ultimate guide to snowshoeing for beginners teaches you how to snowshoe, how to choose snowshoes (+ other snowshoe gear), and how to find snowshoe trails.

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