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Nathan Speedster 2L – Women’s Race Vest Review

As more people take to the trails, demand has grown for products that allow you to carry a few essentials without stuffing your pockets or necessarily needing a larger backpack, which is likely to be overkill unless you’re going out running for many hours somewhere remote. For runs and races where you’re spending a few hours out on the trails and need to carry water and some key items, Nathan have designed the Speed 2L (men’s version) and Nathan Speedster 2L (women’s version) 2 litre race vests.Nathan Speedster 2l - Trail & Kale - wm-4-min

First impressions

The first thing you notice about the Nathan Speedster is its weight. It hardly weighs anything when empty. The vest itself is made of thin mesh fabric, and the pockets are made from stretchy lightweight material.

The specifically female-fitting women’s Speedster comes in ‘Silver Lake Blue’ with red trim. I love the light blue colour (it seems popular for women’s race vests, with both Salomon Advanced Skin 5L and Ultimate Direction also offering them in similar shades).

When on, it looks tidy, with no dangling add-ons or straps and loops – definitely a good thing, the fewer distractions the better!


Fit & design

Nathan Speed 2l - Trail & Kale - wm-min
The Nathan Speed 2L (men’s version)

While it isn’t obvious from looking at them on the hangar, the women’s version is definitely a different fit to the mens. Alastair has been running in the Men’s Speed Race Vest, and we both have size ‘Small’, but the fit when on is very different, with the Men’s version much wider at the top of the chest, whereas the Womens’ fits me snugly from the top to bottom.

Nathan Speedster 2l - Trail & Kale - wm-9-min

Running in the Nathan Speedster

The Speedster fit snugly and was easily adjustable across my front, with two clips at different heights, so you can move them to fit around you comfortably. I’ve worn it for several long 2+ hour runs (including a trail half marathon race) and hardly knew I had it on. The clips are easy to open and close, even with gloves on or cold hands, but not overly bulky.


Nathan Speedster 2l - Trail & Kale - wm-8-min

Conversely, Alastair found that the vest moved around when he ran – I suppose that’s where having curves is an advantage for me.

A couple of running films with us wearing the Nathan Speedster & Speed 2l packs.


This vest comes with one water bottle (12oz / 350ml capacity), which includes a long nozzle, meaning you can have the bottle in its designated front pocket, and not even have to remove it to take a sip.

The Nathan Speedster vest has several pockets:

  • Four at the front (two large – one for the bottle, one for your phone/other essentials, and two small – used for snacks, lip balm, etc)

Nathan Speedster 2l - Trail & Kale - wm-10-min

  • One at each side, under the arms (which I use for carrying Shot Bloks and a Clif Bar/other snacks) and

Nathan Speedster 2l - Trail & Kale - wm-6-min

  • One larger pocket at the back (for other items such as tissues, plasters, spare socks or a small rain jacket).

Nathan Speedster 2l - Trail & Kale - wm-5-minThe back pocket has a clip for attaching a key to, and I can reach into it while the vest is on, which is a big plus when I’m running in a race or need to get something out and don’t want to stop and take it off to have a rummage.

Aside from the small pieces of velcro on the front pockets, the pockets rely on their elasticity to stay closed. I see why this is the case – it keep the weight down – but I would have preferred at least one pocket (such as the one on the back) to close using a zip or heavy-duty velcro, so you don’t worry about small items falling out.

Nathan Speedster 2l - Trail & Kale - wm-11-min
Please excuse the banana stains from racing… 🙂

Nathan Speedster 2l - Trail & Kale-10-min
Design & Function9
Overall Score


The Nathan Speedster is perfect if you’re looking for a low-volume, lightweight race vest to carry essentials in for trail distances up to around 30k / half marathon, and training runs. I wear this for runs between 2-5 hours. Anything over this and, depending on where I’m running and the terrain/conditions, I may opt for a larger vest that can carry more food/water/clothes.

Where to buy

Nathan Vapor Speedster 2L Vest

$59.95  out of stock
See Deal
as of 20th September 2019 5:56 pm

Nathan Vapor Speedster 2L Vest Hydration Belts & Water Bottles Silver Lake Blue : The Nathan Vapor Speedster 1L Vest is built with the female trailblazer in mind. This lightweight hydration vest features a more comfortably snug, womens-specific fit made from flexible and breathable materials....

Race vests tend to cost in excess of £70 / $100, so it’s great to see the Nathan Speedster coming in at a significantly lower price point.

The Speedster can be purchased for under $85 from our friends over at Holabird Sports.



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