DJI OSMO Pocket 3 Is Here And It’s A Great Way To Document Your Runs!

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 gets a HUGE upgrade; it's now a great option for creating running content.


DJI OSMO Pocket 3 Is Here And It’s A Great Way To Document Your Runs!

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 gets a HUGE upgrade; it's now a great option for creating running content.


It’s time to talk about the new Osmo Pocket 3, If you’re as obsessed with documenting your runs as I am, whether that’s video or photos, you’re gonna want to hear about this tiny video camera that fits easily in your running belt or hydration pack. 🏃‍♂️📸

First off, this pocket-sized powerhouse has a 1-inch CMOS sensor that lets you capture some seriously good-looking footage. I’m talking about high-quality, detail-rich images that you’ll want to plaster all over your Insta feed.

Trust me, your trail runs and epic finish line moments never looked so glossy, and stable for such a small device.

Video courtesy of

And can we chat about that 2-inch rotatable touchscreen? You can go horizontal or vertical, which is a game-changer if you’re juggling between Instagram Reels and YouTube content like I am.

It’s so intuitive, you could probably fiddle with it mid-run (Not that we’d recommend that; gotta watch that gnarly terrain, right?).

But what’s got me geeking out the most is the 4K/120fps video capability of the DJI OSMO Pocket 3. Imagine capturing your sprint finish or that killer hill descent in stunning slow-motion.

This is the stuff that gets likes, shares, and all those “what did you film that on” comments; if that’s what you’re after of course, I prefer to just put out content that pleases me, rather than hunt for approval, lol.

DJI OSMO Pocket 3 screen rotation and 3 axis stabilisation
Rotatable screen that adjusts video’s aspect ratio, and 3-axis image stabilization built in. | Image courtesy of

The 3-axis gimbal mechanical stabilization is one of the cherries on top. We all know runs aren’t exactly smooth sailing; there’s dodging puddles, hopping over roots, and the occasional “watch out for that snake!” moments if you live here in California.

This gimbal ensures that your footage stays silky smooth through all the action.

For those of us running at dawn or dusk (you know, avoiding that Cali midday heat, although it’s much cooler right now thank goodness), the Osmo Pocket 3 has specialized image quality optimization for night shots.

This means your low-light runs will still look fab with less grainy, unclear shots that you’re embarrassed to post.

But wait, there’s more! ActiveTrack 6.0 is gonna be your new BFF as a runner too. It has Face Auto-Detect and Dynamic Framing, making it easier than ever to film yourself when you’re on the move.

Just imagine: cinematic, pro-level footage of your runs that make you look like the star you are, haha.

DJI OSMO Pocket 3

The audio is notable too with its three-mic array that cuts through wind noise.

So, if you like to share running commentary or thoughts during your runs, your followers will actually be able to hear what you’re saying.

And the battery life? You can get up to 166 minutes of 1080p footage on a full charge which is great for most runs, or even longer hiking adventures with family and your four-legged running buddy.

If you’re looking to up your social media game and give your followers some extra killer content, at $519, the Osmo Pocket 3 could be your next great investment for content creation.

It really seems like the perfect way to document our running lives, don’t you think?

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