Hemp Daddy’s CBD Review: Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Transdermal Cream

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Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics, the company behind Hemp Daddy’s, is a family-owned business and Caleb Simpson, its founder, is a passionate trail and ultra runner who turned to CBD to help with training, recovery and inflammation, and found it to be a game-changer – so much so that he founded a company to provide CBD products specifically to fellow runners.


Hemp Daddy’s offers full-spectrum organic CBD products specifically for endurance runners and athletes and this Hemp Daddy’s CBD review covers the brand’s CBD oil and transdermal pain cream, which are two of their most popular products.

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Hemp Daddy’s CBD Review: Table of Contents

About Hemp Daddy’s CBD

The hemp used to make Hemp Daddy’s CBD oil comes from a single source, organic 200-acre farm, and CBD manufacturer in Colorado, and their products are available to buy and ship to all 50 US states as well as the UK.

All of Hemp Daddy’s CBD products are third-party lab-tested, which gives you confidence around the quality of the products and what you are buying.

Using reputable lab-tested CBD products from quality-focused companies is really important in such a new industry as CBD oil to help ensure we know what we are putting on or in our bodies.

If you have any questions on the products, you can get personal assistance and answers to your questions from the team, including the founder himself, which helps ensure you are using them correctly and getting the most out of their organic CBD products and connecting with a fellow runner and athlete.

We also love that they offer a ‘financial assistance’ program offering discounts for those who may qualify.

What separates Hemp Daddy’s CBD from other CBD products?

  • Hemp Daddy’s CBD products are specifically designed for use by athletes, and as well as the specific products, Caleb also provides a lot of useful information about the use of CBD and benefits for runners on Hemp Daddy’s blog.
  • Premium, organic CBD, sourced from a single grower and manufacturer in Colorado, US
  • Lab-tested helps ensure quality standards – we suggest that any CBD product you use has come from a reputable company such as Hemp Daddy’s that stands behind the quality and contents of its products.
  • Water-soluble CBD oil option – while this is not a product we tested for this review, we like the innovation behind offering a water-soluble option which can more easily be mixed in with post-run drinks and smoothies.
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My experience using Hemp Daddy’s CBD

As mentioned above, for the purpose of this review I have been using Hemp Daddy’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil and Transdermal Pain Cream.

Other products offered by Hemp Daddy’s include soft gels and a water soluble version of the CBD Oil.

Hemp Daddy’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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Hemp Daddy’s CBD Oil is available in four different strengths, with CBD dosage per serving of 10mg, 20mg, 30mg and 40mg.

I have been using Hemp Daddy’s Full Spectrum CBD Oil Advanced Strength, which provides 30mg CBD per serving (one dropper). This CBD Oil is the ‘Flavorless’ version – there is also a Mint-flavored version.

Our preference is to use Flavorless CBD oil as it gives you more options when it comes to how to take it.

You can either take a dosage directly into your mouth (squeeze the dropper out so the oil goes below your tongue), or put it on/in food or drinks, without affecting the taste of whatever you’re eating or drinking.

Note – if you’re a big fan of mixing CBD oil in with your water or other drinks, then you may also want to check out the water-soluble version of Hemp Daddy’s CBD oil.

What does the Flavorless Hemp Daddy’s CBD Oil taste like?

As would be expected, it doesn’t taste of much at all, just slightly sweet oil, which is very pleasant even just taken alone.

This also makes it perfect if you’re averse to the taste/aftertaste of flavored CBD oils, for example.

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What do you use Hemp Daddy’s CBD Oil for?

The primary reasons we use CBD oil are the following, which all benefit us when it comes to training and recovery, as well as in general everyday life:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Recovering quicker
  • Calming the mind
  • Boosting focus
  • Improving sleep quality

As you may know, I have used and reviewed a variety of CBD products and found the ingredients to really help me in particular in aiding a speedy recovery from tough training and races, which goes hand-in-hand with reducing inflammation, and that is no different for Hemp Daddy’s oil – it’s easy to take, doesn’t affect my taste buds and helps me recovery quicker and experience reduced inflammation in my body after tough and/or long training runs.

Hemp Daddy’s full-spectrum CBD oil is a great choice if you prefer to use CBD oil rather than capsules to aid in your overall recovery and well-being, especially if you intend to mix it with food or beverages and are looking for a pure, flavorless organic CBD oil.

Overall we are both very impressed with this CBD Oil’s effectiveness.

Hemp Daddy’s Transdermal CBD Pain Cream

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Hemp Daddy’s Transdermal CBD Pain Cream is an alternative to CBD balms, and so it would be a good option if you’d prefer a cream-based topical CBD solution to massage on to targeted affected areas.

As runners we are always getting niggles or having areas that are tight or recovering from injury, and Hemp Daddy’s Transdermal CBD Pain Cream is designed specifically with runners and other athletes in mind for such applications.

Hemp Daddy’s CBD transdermal cream is available in two strengths, Regular (5mg/pump) and Extra (10mg/pump) – we have the Extra Strength version.

Both are Fragrance-Free. In addition to the active CBD ingredient, the cream contains an ingredient called ‘Lipoderm’, which is apparently used in a variety of medical-application topical creams to aid absorption of the cream in through your skin to the affected area.

Similar to the CBD oil, the transdermal pain cream is designed to fight inflammation, help you recover quicker and reduce muscle soreness and tightness, but is more focused on the area you apply it to, rather than taking the CBD oil by mouth.

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2x coupon deals are currently running at HempDaddys.com: Use HempSavings20 for 20% Off orders of $250 or more OR Use HempDaddy2020 for 15% Off your first order

We keep this cream to use at home after training and showers. I have also been using it on tight/sore parts of my body just before bed, which lately has been the middle of my back which I must have twinged when playing with Kepler, our trail dog.

Using it before bed means it can truly soak in while I’m falling asleep, and reduced aches mean I can fall asleep faster.

As the pump-action dispenser is fairly small and lightweight, then if you are going on long runs or trips you also could consider taking it with you in your hydration pack to apply to sore areas, if you have a specific area/muscle/joint that needs attention while you’re on the move.

This cream is a great option if you have niggles or are recovering from an injury. As a specific example, Helen has had a stiff knee in recent colder mornings following a trail-running tumble.

She has used the Hemp Daddy’s CBD cream on her knee in the mornings over the last week and it has helped with the morning joint stiffness and aching by reducing inflammation while her knee recovers from the trauma and bruising of the initial fall.

Where to buy Hemp Daddy’s CBD products

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2x coupon deals are currently running at HempDaddys.com: Use HempSavings20 for 20% Off orders of $250 or more OR Use HempDaddy2020 for 15% Off your first order

Hemp Daddy’s CBD products are available directly from the company, and as noted above, are available to buy and ship to all 50 US states as well as the UK.

Hemp Daddy’s CBD Review Summary

Hemp Daddys CBD review Trail and Kale
Hemp Daddy's CBD Review
Benefits & Effectiveness
Value for Money
Pain cream is quickly absorbed
Pleasant, almost-no-flavor CBD oil
Good value for money considering these are organic products
CBD concentration per dose is lower than alternatives (maximum is 40mg)
Overall Score

Hemp Daddy’s Video Review

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