On Cloudventure Peak Review – On’s Latest Trail Racing Shoe

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As with the new On Cloudventure released earlier this year, the On Cloudventure Peak has just been given a major design overhaul, which brings many improvements to their running performance, all revealed in this On Cloudventure Peak review.


This second-generation trail racing shoe from On now comes equipped with a new Speedboard, and MissionGrip outsole. On has also lowered the drop from 6mm to 4mm, a small tweak but it makes the world of difference to ‘trail feel’.

Even with all these improvements that bring extra comfort and cushioning, the weight remains low at 260g, due in part to the minimal, breathable ripstop material used for the upper.

The last important update is the new sock design for the upper with adds to the overall comfort and fit. Those are the main updates and features that have remained the same in this latest update for the On Cloudventure Peak.

Continue reading this review to learn how this racing shoe performs while running.

Hopefully, this review answers any questions that you may have about the On Cloudventure Peak but if not, please feel free to ask me anything in the comments down below. Scroll to the bottom of this page for a less detailed video review

On Cloudventure Peak Fit & Design

On Cloudventure Peak 2019 review trail running trail and kale wm 10

The On Cloudventure Peak is very comfortable out of the box, due to the sock-like upper construction. This inner-sock feature has been used once before, for the On Cloudswift, our highest ranked On shoes for the road.

This feature’s ability to lock feet in place without having chafe points is one of the reasons why we rated the Cloudswift as #1. The same is true for the Cloudventure Peak.

The breathable, stretchy ripstop upper helps to regulate internal shoe temperature and gives your toes some extra wiggle room during those long hot runs. If you have wide forefeet though, it’s possible you could experience rubbing on your outside toes should they swell during long hot runs. This is because the ripstop upper is soft and has stretch, but the dark rubber that acts as a toe cap, and added durability is not stretchy. The area between the two may cause discomfort during long runs for those with a wide forefoot.

I personally love the look of the white/black colorway of the Cloudventure Peak but don’t expect them to stay this white for too long, and that’s ok.


Cloudventure Peak Upper

On Cloudventure Peak 2019 review trail running trail and kale wm 2

The upper features an ultralight yet durable ripstop fabric that combines protection with breathability and just the right amount of stretch to let your toes wiggle where needed. Supportive taping then wraps the foot, adding hold so you can really let go on race day.

There’s a plastic-coated toe box that’s strong enough to protect your toes from any accidental rock kicks.

The black rubber toe box protector extends all around the lower half of the upper to reduce the chances of water entering the shoe, and it also increases durability.

On Cloudventure Peak 2019 review trail running trail and kale wm 8

Towards the rear (as seen in the image above) there’s a rigid heel support mechanism to hold your foot in place and reduce lateral roll. This works really nicely and it’s something that definitely helps while running fast over rocky terrain.

On Cloudventure Peak 2019 review trail running trail and kale wm 11

Here you can see the inner-sock fit which has a slimmer wall than the previous Cloudventure Peak but it actually feels more comfortable. The upper has been made to a very high standard.

On Cloudventure Peak Video

Cloudventure Peak Laces

On Cloudventure Peak 2019 review trail running trail and kale wm 9

The laces, also provide some stretch, therefore allowing your feet to expand and contract as they heat up and cool down during a trail run, and the length is pretty good. Due to their slim design, I tie these laces in a double knot to ensure they stay done up.

Outsole and the On Speedboard

On Cloudventure Peak 2019 review trail running trail and kale wm 6

The outsole update is huge for the Cloudventure Peak. The only gripe I had with the first edition was that the cloud pods on the old outsole could be felt through the midsole, especially on longer runs that featured a lot of hard ground.

The new MissionGrip outsole has much better weight/pressure distribution across the midsole and now combines multiple grip patterns so you can stay in control as conditions around you change.

Aggressive lugs have been introduced towards the front of the shoe (instead of cloud pods), to allow for much more efficient climbing of hills with far less energy lost through pod compression.

I did notice however that the MissionGrip ‘V-shaped’ gulley on the forefoot did collect some small stones on dirt trails, but most of the time they would fly off on their own accord.

On’s Speedboard combined with this outsole make the Cloudventure Peak a very good hybrid running shoe, that’s almost as good on the roads as it is on the trails.

On Cloudventure Peak 2019 review trail running trail and kale wm 12

This new outsole gives you a bit of a harder ride toward the forefoot but as a caveat, you’ll get a more responsive ride with better ground feel. The Cloudventure Peak has been designed as a lightweight, minimal trail racing shoe, so expect some reduced cushioning underfoot as a result.

Cloudventure Peak Drop & Weight

On Cloudventure Peak 2019 review trail running trail and kale wm 4

There’s a drop of 4mm from heel to toe which in my eyes makes this low drop racing shoe a competitor for trail running shoes like the Salomon S-Lab Sense HG and the Nike Terra Kiger 5. 4mm seems to be a good standard for trail racing shoes as a low drop provides good ground feel and encourages good running form through a more natural footfall.

Weighing in at 260g (US M 8.5) the Cloudventure Peak is very lightweight.

The On Cloudventure Peak has a neutral running footbed which will suit most runners.

Toe Box

The toe box is medium width and feels airy due to the breathable ripstop upper material.

After running in the latest On Cloudventure Peak, I rate it as On’s best trail running shoe so far.

On Cloudventure Peak FW19 2nd Gen 2019 trail and kale
On Cloudventure Peak 2019
Design & Function
Outsole and new grip is great for running trails fast and aggressively
They climb really well
Missiongrip is hugely improved over first edition Cloudventure Peak
Lightweight (260g)
Good Hybrid running shoes (road/trail)
Breathable ripstop upper
less cushioning in the midsole than the standard Cloudventure (but it is a racer)
Only one color available at the moment (white/black)
Overall Score

On Cloudventure Peak Video Review

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  1. Thanks for this review. Would the upper work in the fall or winter weather? I am wondering if it is too thin for wind protection or even light wet/rain/snow.


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