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Best Camper Van Rental Companies for US Road Trips

Featuring everything from 4x4 Sprinter vans to vintage VW buses you can rent across the US.

All opinions are our own and never influenced by brands. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here's our process.

Camper van rentals are getting popular – very popular. It seems that these days everyone wants to buy or rent a Sprinter camper van, or is at least curious about buying a camper van or converting a Mercedes, Dodge, or Ford van into a camper. Believe me – we get it, after all, we spent half of 2020 converting our own Sprinter camper van into a luxury vehicle for cross-country road trips as well as traveling around closer to home in California, Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest of the US.


This post’s for you if you’re planning a US road trip or vacation and like the idea of sleeping in a camper van rather than getting hotel rooms or vacation rentals – and the idea of renting a larger RV or motorhome doesn’t appeal quite as much as a camper van.

Also, if you’re thinking about buying a campervan to vacation in or even live van life full time, then a camper van rental is a great idea to give you a taste for it and work out what type of camper van is best for you, including the layout, style and key camper van features, such as whether or not you need a bathroom in your van.

In this list, we’ve included US road trip van rental companies offering a whole range of different road trip van rentals and different types of vans. Click here to jump down to read the FAQ about renting a camper van, or keep reading to see the list of van rental companies.

Camper Van Rental Companies

  1. Widest Range of Road Trip Vans and Locations | Outdoorsy & RVShare ↓
  2. Sprinter Van Campers | Vancraft ↓
  3. Luxury Sprinters | Mercedes Sprinter RV Rentals ↓
  4. 4×4 Campers in Colorado | Go Explore It ↓
  5. Best for One-Way Road Trips | Escape Camper Vans ↓
  6. California & Utah | Lost Campers ↓
  7. Hawaii | Hawaii Surf Campers ↓
  8. Alaska | Alaskavans ↓
  9. Seattle & Pacific NorthWest | Peace Van Rentals ↓
  10. Vintage VW Campers | Vintage Surfari Wagons VW Rentals ↓


List of camper van rental companies

We’ve included campervan rental companies on this list that either offer a specific type of camper van rental (for example, companies specifically renting Sprinter camper vans or Vintage campers), as well as camper van rental companies operating in one or more specific locations.

1. Outdoorsy and RVshare Conversion Van Rentals

Outdoorsy Camper Van Rental Companies Trail and Kale
Photo credit: Outdoorsy

As mentioned above, the easiest way to find a camper rental near you if you’re in the US is to search for one on Outdoorsy or RVshare.

A great reason to use Outdoorsy or RVshare is if you’re looking for a conversion van rental.

Through these marketplaces you can rent a unique conversion van – many of the van rental options are one-of-a-kind and may have been custom-built by a van conversion company or maybe a DIY van build completed by the owner.

Equally, there are loads of examples of professionally-built campers, including Sportsmobile, Airstream Interstate, and more.

  • Rental Location(s): All over the US (both Outdoorsy and RVshare)
  • Main Van Types: Anything and everything (they also rent other RVs, buses, and travel trailers such as Airstreams)
  • Special Features: Rent unique camper vans from owners plus for Outdoorsy use the button below and our code TRAILANDKALE for $50 off a van rental

2. Vancraft – Sprinter Camper Van Rentals in California and Colorado

VanCraft Camper Van Rental Companies Trail and Kale
Photo credit: Vancraft

If only a Sprinter camper van rental will do, then Vancraft could be the right van rental company for you – Mercedes Sprinter van rentals are their specialty.

Vancraft has locations in San Diego, California, and Denver, Colorado, so could be a great choice if you’re planning a road trip in either state.

Vancraft’s rental costs range from around $60 in low season for a small camper van to $200+ for a larger Sprinter van in high season.

  • Rental Location(s): San Diego, Denver
  • Main Camper Van Types: Long and short wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter camper vans
  • Good to know: Dogs allowed, all van rentals have heaters, camp gear, kitchen kit, and linens included, no one-way rentals at present. You can add on a roof-top tent, bike racks, and porta-potty as extras.

3. Mercedes Sprinter RV Rental – Across the Western US

If you want to rent a Mercedes Sprinter van and want that luxury of a tiny apartment on wheels (or a mini motorhome feel) then Mercedes Sprinter RV Rental probably has a van for you as these are what they specialize in.

This road trip van rental company has 28 locations in California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Montana, and Wyoming, so they’re well set up to rent you a Sprinter van in most of the Western US for your road trip, including Coachmen Galeria, RS Adventurous and 4×4 Sprinter vans that have four-wheel drive capability.

Examples of great national parks and open spaces their vans are kitted-out to travel to include Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Joshua Tree, Lake Tahoe, Reno, Yosemite, the Great Basin, Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Couer D’Alene, Idaho, Sun Valley, the Four Corners, the great southwest, Sedona, Taos, Wyoming, Montana.

  • Rental Location(s): 28 locations across the western US
  • Main Van Types: 144 (short) and 170 (long) Mercedes Sprinters
  • Good to know: Book early, at least 3-7 months in advance, all vans have solar-powered electricity, many vans have AC and shore power options, pets are allowed, one-way rentals are allowed.

4. Go Explore It: 4×4 Adventure Rig Rentals, Denver (well, Golden)

Go Explore it Winnebago Revel 4x4 Camper Van Rental Companies Trail and Kale
Photo credit: Go Explore It

If it’s an adventure in a camper van you’re looking for then this is probably a good van rental company to check out.

Go Explore It specialize in ‘adventure rigs’ and overland rentals – not just camper vans but also trucks, Jeeps, and other Overlanding vehicles, as well as roof-top tents you can put on most cars for camping.

Our off-road rental of choice from ‘Go Explore It’ would probably be the Winnebago Revel 4×4 – a small Mercedes Sprinter van like ours, built for off-road adventures.

Weekly van rental costs are around $350/night for a Sprinter van conversion.

  • Rental Location(s): Golden, Colorado (near Denver)
  • Main Camper Types: Converted Sprinters, Sportsmobile E350, plenty of other options
  • Good to Know: The owners can recommend some great local itineraries for your camper van trip, roof-top tents are a great budget option (although not the same as camping in a camper van of course).

5. Escape Campervans – Road Trip Van Rentals

Escape Campervans Mavericks Camper Van Rental Companies Trail and Kale
Photo credit: Escape Campervans

Escape Campervans is the largest campervan rental company in North America and has 600 vans available for rental, in 12 locations across the US.

Escape Campervans’ rental locations include Denver, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, New York, Phoenix, Portland, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle, as well as Calgary and Vancouver in Canada, so they are well set up if you want to rent a camper van one-way and travel across the US and Canada on a road trip.

If you’re starting from the Eastern US you can pick up a travel van rental from Escape Campervans in Miami or New York, and do Route 66 or another route and drive it right across the country to Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, or go all the way to any large West Coast city listed above.

Escape Campervans feature brightly-painted vans, so this is worth knowing if you’re considering any stealth camping in towns and cities, then you’ll probably get spotted pretty quickly.

Their camper vans are converted Ford vans, including the T-150, Transit Connect, and E350 vans.

  • Rental Location(s): 12 locations across the US
  • Main Van Types: Ford T-150, E350 Transit, and Transit Connect
  • Good to Know: Largest campervan rental company in North America, these camper vans do not have bathrooms, bedding and kitchen kit rental is extra.

6. Lost Campers – Budget Camper Rentals in California & Utah

Lost Campers hotel sierra moab Camper Van Rental Companies Trail and Kale
Photo credit: Lost Campers

If you are planning a California road trip and are on a budget when it comes to travel van rental, then Lost Campers may be the company you are looking for: their small camper van rentals start at $35 per day.

You can pick your camper van up in either Los Angeles or San Francisco and road trip the full classic California coast, or head inland and visit popular national parks such as Yosemite and Kings Canyon / Sequoia along the way.

Lost Campers’ campervans are low-profile (no jazzy paint jobs) and small, based Ford Transit chassis as well as smaller Dodge Caravan minivans that are converted into small camper vans.

  • Rental Location(s): Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Main Van Types: Ford T350 Transit, Dodge Grand Caravan,
  • Good to Know: Unlimited-mileage and roadside support, kitchen kits and bedding included with rentals, and one-way rentals are available in California

7. Hawaii Surf Campers – Camper van rentals in Hawaii

Hawaii Surf Campers Camper Van Rental Companies Trail and Kale
Photo credit: Hawaii Surf Campers

If you’re visiting Hawaii and want to soak up the beach and surf vibes without having to rent a car or stay in a hotel then Hawaii Surf Campers can help you get that beach/van life sorted.

Hawaii Surf Campers have a range of vintage VW campervans as well as some other unique conversion camper van rental options.

  • Rental Location(s): Oahu, Hawaii
  • Main Van Types: Vintage VW campervans
  • Good to Know: Airport transfers are available, vans are well equipped, including bedding, and the owners would be happy to share inside knowledge to help you plan a Hawaii road trip itinerary!

8. AlaskaVans – Camper Van Rentals in Alaska

AlaskaVans Alaska Camper Van Rental Camper Van Rental Companies Trail and Kale
Photo credit: AlaskaVans

If you’re visiting Alaska then you definitely want to be able to sleep close to nature and be near as many beautiful wild places as possible.

Traveling in a camper van is definitely a great way to go about seeing this great US state and is a major step up from tent camping.

AlaskaVans is a camper van rental company that rents low-impact, high-roofed camper vans out of Anchorage and can help you get set up with a van equipped for road tripping around Alaska.

  • Travel Van Rental Location(s): Anchorage, Alaska
  • Main Van Types: High-roof Ram Promaster camper vans
  • Good to Know: Well-equipped camper van rentals include awnings and outdoor chairs, a full camp kitchen, and solar power.

9. Peace Van Rentals – Seattle, Pacific Northwest

Peace Vans VW Camper Rental Camper Van Rental Companies Trail and Kale
Photo credit: Peace Van Rentals

If you’re planning a summer road trip around the Pacific Northwest traveling around Washington and Oregon then Peace Van rentals, based out of Seattle, offer both the vintage camper option (they specialize in VW Campers) as well as a more modern, European-style pop up roof Mercedes camper vans.

Plus, if you love your pop-top Mercedes Metris camper and want to buy one then they can convert a van for you as they convert Mercedes Metris vans into campers in-house!

  • Travel Van Rental Location(s): Seattle, Washington
  • Main Van Types: Vintage VW campers or pop up roof Mercedes Metris vans
  • Good to Know: Kitchenware included (even down to spices, corkscrews, and wine glasses :-)), at certain times of year you can also arrange a one-way rental to drop your camper van off in Santa Cruz, CA, and San Luis Obispo, CA, handy for a US west coast road trip.

10. Vintage Surfari Wagons – VW Bus Rentals in California

If your California road trip dream involves driving along the Pacific Coast Highway and hanging out at beaches and popular surf spots in a vintage VW bus then Vintage Surfari Wagons can help you realize it: they specialize in VW bus camper rentals, including the iconic VW Westfalia pop-top campers.

Vintage Surfari Wagons’ Volkswagen fleet is stocked with 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 2000 era campers and each van is unique and perfect for traveling the California coast.

  • Travel Van Rental Location(s): San Diego (Costa Mesa), California
  • Main Van Types: Vintage VW campers
  • Good to Know: Some 100-mile limits, well-equipped with camping gear for your trip

Guide to renting a camper van – what you need to know

In this section we cover some of the most frequently asked questions about camper van rental:

What class motorhome is a camper van?

The US categorizes motorhomes, RVs, and camper vans typically into three different types of motorhome, A, B, or C.

We won’t go into all the differences between an RV / motorhome and a campervan in this post, but it’s important to know that when we talk about camper van rentals we are talking about what some people may refer to as a ‘Class B motorhome or camper’ rental. That is, a camper van is a motorhome built on a panel van chassis.

Popular van chassis used for conversion to camper vans include Mercedes Sprinter vans, Ford Transit vans and Dodge Promaster vans – that goes for both the professional van conversion companies as well as the DIY / custom van conversions.

For more on that subject, https://www.sprintercampervans.us shares more information on Sprinter camper vans and what’s involved in converting them (the link opens in a new tab).

You can also find camper van rental companies offering more unique camper vans, such as retro VW bus campers and car campers for rental, which may be fun for your road trip.

Why choose a camper van over an RV or motorhome?

Quite simply, you may prefer to rent a camper van rather than a motorhome because a conversion van is likely to be easier to drive around, which can make a big difference if you’re planning on spending time in places that are hard to reach with larger vehicles.

There’s a reason why Instagram accounts such as Sprinter Campervans (one of our favorites), are full of Sprinter vans being used for camping in beautiful and remote places around the world. If you’d like to see some more examples of where we’ve taken our Sprinter Camper van, there are loads of pictures and stories on our own Instagram account, too.

That could include when you’re driving the van around cities you plan to visit on your road trips such as San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco or Denver, or in more remote locations where you would prefer a camper van that drives like a car, rather than feeling like you’re towing a camper trailer or driving a larger vehicle down small roads.

Camper vans don’t have slide-outs or stabilizers – they’re pretty minimal and make things like setting down and packing up at campsites very quick to do, which is great if your planned camper van rental is to facilitate a road trip where you may only be staying in some places for a night or two at a time.

While not guaranteed (especially with older camper vans), you will probably also find that driving a camper van around on a US road trip is more cost-effective when it comes to how much you spend on gas, which can really add up, especially in states where gas is more expensive (such as California).

Take it from me – we’ve covered thousands of miles traveling in a few short weeks during our last cross-US road trip in our Sprinter camper van, and after all those miles on that trip we were grateful that our van drives more like a car than a bus or motorhome and doesn’t require much, if any, packing up when we’re ready to hit the road to travel each drive-day!

What type of van should you rent?

You’re in luck, on this list of camper van rental companies we’ve included a whole range of van rental businesses who offer everything from high-end, adventure-inspired Sprinter vans to drive over the Rockies in, to boho surf-inspired campers to cruise along the California coast in on your road trip.

Across the companies featured in this list, there’s a huge range of choices when it comes to what type of van you can rent – especially if you rent from a company like Outdoorsy or RVShare, which have vans of loads of different styles and marques, located all over the place.

How much does a camper van rental cost?

The actual daily cost of a camper van rental can vary significantly depending on the time of year, how long you are renting the camper for and the size and specifications of the camper van you are renting.

Some of the more luxury travel van rentals like some of the Sprinter camper vans on this list are basically small motorhomes, with all the comforts you’d expect in an RV or a very tiny apartment, including a bathroom, toilet and plenty of indoor cooking facilities.

Other, smaller more European-style camper vans come with basic cooking facilities and a bed but rely on you wanting to spend more of your time cooking outside, and not needing or wanting a shower or toilet in your van.

Camper van rental costs can therefore range from around $50/night up to $400+ per night, depending on what type of camper van you are renting, when, and where.

Can I get unlimited mileage with my recreational van rental?

Whether or not you can get unlimited mileage with your camper van rental depends on the rental company and sometimes the specific van you are renting. For example, some of the vintage VW campers on this list may have daily mileage restrictions.

It’s worth checking with the specific van rental company to ensure you’re going to be able to travel the miles you need to when you’re traveling in your rented camper.

It’s also worth checking what else is included in the cost of your camper van rental. Some travel van rental companies will include everything you need for your road trip within the rental price, including camp kitchens, grills, bedding, and camping chairs, for example. Others will rent you these extras for an additional charge – so it’s worth factoring that cost into your overall van rental decision.

If you would prefer to take your own camp kitchen setup but don’t own one yet, visit our Camp Kitchen checklist and buyer’s guide with advice on how to choose the best outdoor camping kitchen gear.

If you are renting a camper van near home, then you may want to bring your own bedding, at least, so you can guarantee comfort! If you’re traveling as a couple, a double sleeping bag is a great addition to your camping gear so that you can share the bedding comfortably together, without taking your full bedding set or individual sleeping bags on the road.

To research double sleeping bags, check out our list of the best two-person sleeping bags for camping and van life!

Also, while we’re on the subject, if you’re thinking about what to bring on a road trip, check out our adventure road trip essentials checklist, which includes a full packing list for what to take with you (the link opens in a new tab).

How can I find a camper rental near me?

Good question! Your best bet when it comes to finding a camper van rental near home or near your current location is to check out the rental options on Outdoorsy and RVshare.

Outdoorsy 2 Camper Van Rental Companies Trail and Kale
Photo credit: Outdoorsy

Both Outdoorsy and RVshare are RV rental marketplaces – basically, the AirBnbs of camper van, RV and travel trailer rental, and you can find hundreds of camper vans available to rent, using filters to select camper vans as your vehicle of choice, and to narrow down the search area to show available rentals near your location using a zip code or map.

[To get $50 off a van rental near you with Outdoorsy, you can visit their site via the button below and use the code TRAILANDKALE ]

Another great option is to look into renting with a larger national van rental company such as Escape Camper Vans, which have a large range of options when it comes to camper van pick up and drop-off locations across the US and other countries including Australia and New Zealand.

What about one-way camper van rental options?

Many people are interested in one-way camper van rentals as it allows you to do a one-way road trip and not have to worry about returning the camper van back to the original rental location.

For one-way travel van rentals, it is usually best to rent one with a company that has several different rental locations in different cities, or at least one at either end of your planned road trip so you can pick the van up at one and drop it off at the other.

It’s also worth checking with the rental company that a one-way rental is possible and if there is any extra charge to return the camper van to a different location.

How many people can sleep in a camper van?

Most camper vans offered for rent by the companies in this list are going to be best suited to sleep one or two people (plus a dog or two) however many, especially the long-wheelbase Dodge, Ford and Sprinter travel van rentals include the ability to sleep at least one, if not two additional people, so up to four people. When we travel in our own Sprinter van, we camp with our dog Kepler and sometimes also our two cats.

Generally, that would be most suited to one or two adults plus children, rather than four adults, unless you’re all very close…

It’s also worth noting that another addition you can include on many of the smaller van rentals with these companies is a roof-top car camping tent. So if you are traveling with up to four of you and want to rent a smaller camper van to travel in, then if it’s compatible with a car roof-top tent then this is a great way to have two of you sleep in the vehicle and two sleep in the tent above.

While we haven’t personally used the campervan rental companies listed above (as we have our own camper van!), having spent many hours building, driving and living in our own Sprinter camper van, including road tripping across the US and traveling around closer to home in California and Oregon, let us know have any questions about traveling in a camper van in the US and hopefully, we can help!

Also, if you’re interested in the idea of getting your own rooftop tent for your car or truck rather than renting a whole camper van, click here to read our guide to the best roof top tents for every budget.

If you are a van rental company in the US and feel you should be included, reach out to us and let us know!


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