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How To Start Running In 2024 | The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

How to start running from scratch! All you need to know, including tips to get started, and how to run 5k non-stop with our beginner's training plan.

How to Run Faster: Tips and Techniques for Improving Your Running Speed

Want to know how to run faster? Our expert guide shares the best tips & techniques to help you increase your speed and hit your running goals.

7 Tips On How To Run Longer Without Getting Tired And Stopping

Learn how to build stamina, properly fuel your body, and develop mental resilience to crush your long-distance running goals!

10 Tips To Recover Quicker Post-Run, And Why A Good Recovery Routine...

Follow these simple post-run recovery tips to help reduce muscle soreness and recover faster after tough runs.

Ultra Running For Beginners – What Is It, Why...

This quick guide to ultra running explains what it is, why people fall in love with it, who some of the best ultrarunners in the world are, and how to start doing it yourself.

The Ultimate Couch To 5k Plan For Beginner Runners

Our couch to 5k plan is the ultimate free beginners running program. Within a few weeks, you'll go from non-runner to running a 5k non-stop!

How To Run With Proper Running Form and Help...

How to run with proper running form and reduce running overuse injuries, including ITB pain, low back pain, shin splints and blisters.

50K Training Plan + ULTRA RACE GUIDE

The ULTIMATE FREE 50K training plan + race guide. Downloadable Training Plans PLUS What to eat, Recovery, Secret race tactics & More!

Trail Running for Beginners: How To Start Trail Running

This trail running for beginners guide includes how to trail run, the gear required to progress, how to find local trails, trail running tips, & much more!

How To Treat Plantar Fasciitis At Home, Quickly And...

These tips for treating that annoying plantar fasciitis foot pain at home will get you recovered and back up and running in no time!

22 Fun Facts About Running That Will Blow Your...

These fun running facts will blow your mind, and possibly even inspire you to set new running challenges for yourself. Enjoy!

12 Week Intermediate Half Marathon Training Plan To Run...

Our FREE 12 week intermediate half marathon training plan will help you run a faster half; includes tips to help you race strong and recover fast.

This Run A Faster 5K Training Plan Helps You...

If you can run 5k but want to do it faster, this 6-week 5k training plan is for you.

Start Running After 40: How The Couch to 5k...

Wondering how to start running in your 40s? Get inspired by one 40+ mom's diary as she starts running after 40, from couch to 5k and beyond.

Shoe Anatomy 101: All Parts Of A Shoe, Named...

This is the runner's guide to shoe anatomy where I explain all the key terminology relating to the different parts of a shoe.

The Best Sleep Products To Help You Sleep Better

The best sleep products to help you fall asleep faster overall sleep better through the night - without the need for over-the-counter sleep aids.

5 Healthy Lifestyle Tips That Will Get You Fit,...

The best healthy lifestyle tips to live better (and hopefully longer), be happier and improve your physical and mental health.

8 Tips To Make Running In Cold Weather More...

Follow these tips to make running in cold weather more enjoyable and reap the mental and physical benefits of getting out for a run in the cold.

Becoming A Mom Makes You A Better, Stronger Runner,...

Studies and a buildup of evidence are repeatedly proving that becoming a mom makes you a better, stronger runner. Now I have first hand experience to tell you it's true.