Interview with Ultra Runner Kelly Wolf: Every race is an opportunity to learn.

Interview with Kelly Wolf Kelly Wolf: Telluride, Colorado, USA Firstly, big congratulations in winning the Lavaredo Ultra Trail! Thank you so much! You’ve had a fantastic start to...

Interview with Martina Valmassoi: Trail Running, Skimo and Photography

Interview with Martina Valmassoi: Mountain runner, skimo athlete, artist, photographer and content creator @salomonrunning #MartinaValmassoi #trailrunning #trailandkale

Get to Know Emelie Forsberg – Healthy Living & Training Hard

Plant-based athlete Emelie Forsberg talks about sustainable living with a healthy and holistic approach. Embrace the mindful lifestyle too!
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Interview with Dean Karnazes – ‘Running, Nutrition and Adventures’

For many runners (and non-runners), Dean Karnazes needs no introduction. If you are new to running or not familiar with the ultra-running world, or Dean’s books, then watching this video will be a great introduction to a man who has been named by TIME magazine as one of the ‘top 100 most influential people in the world’.

Runner Interview: Jacky Hunt-Broersma – ‘A Truly Inspirational Runner’

Jacky Hunt-Broersma - 'A Truly Inspirational Runner' - I now run to inspire others to get fit and healthy, especially other amputees, as I am living proof that life goes on after cancer and amputation.

Runner Interview: Magdalena Mittersteiner – ‘Living the Mountain Life’

Living the Mountain Life - The mountains decide if you are climbing, running or even walking. So, going into the mountains is a combination of all these kinds of movements and that is what I love. It makes you feel alive and free.

Runner Interview: Josephine Anselin – ‘Running Across Scotland’

Read all about Josephine Anselin's 'micro-adventure', running across Scotland! Plus great tips for planning your own adventure and recommendations for some great running books to read, to get you even more inspired.

Interview with Hilary Matheson – Trail Runner & Photographer

Interview with Hilary Matheson - I know many new runners these days want to jump right in and run a hundred miler, but I also see a lot of new runners burning themselves out by signing up for every race they can get their hands on, instead of focusing on building a solid base first.

Interview with Meg Lewis-Schneider – Speedy Road Runner

Interview with Meg Lewis-Schneider - My approach to training is “train don’t strain”. Listen to your body and don’t get greedy and take more than it’s willing to give. I do this by balancing hard workouts with quality, recovery/easy runs.

Interview: Adell Bridges – Travelling Yoga Teacher

Interview with Adell Bridges - "I always like to remember that 'nothing is permanent'. So, you can apply this when you're in a pleasant situation, remembering to take it in and be grateful for it, because it won't be around forever. Or when you're in a challenging situation, to remember that this too shall pass!"

Runner Interview: Shaylee Hurst

Interview with Shaylee Hurst - I wanted to know how to react when I came across all types of animals and wildlife, as well as basic first aid. Also, make sure you're diligent about protecting your skin with SPF while you're exploring!

Runner Interview: Anna Frost

Interview with Anna Frost - There are so many wonderful role models of strong, happy, successful women lining up and dominating at all of the major events. They last more than a few races, we see them consistently perform at a high level because they have healthy eating habits.

Runner Interview: Hailey Van Dyk

Interview with Hailey Van Dyk - There is something about the challenge of getting up each day and forcing yourself to run through the accumulated soreness. I also really love getting to go to sleep each night so that you don't miss any of the sights by running through the night.

Runner Interview: Dani Moreno – Team USA

Interview with Dani Moreno - To secure a place on Team USA, I basically just had to have a great racing resume, which meant I had to race well consistently! It took a lot of work over the last year and I felt honored to be selected to the team still being very new to the sport.

Runner Interview: Peter Billard (@catchingthestride)

Interview with Peter Billard - I intend to be still running long after most others have retired to the couch. Doing good so far!

Runner Interview: Hollie Holden (@holholden)

Interview with Hollie Holden - My ideal race is running anywhere new, I love traveling & exploring the world - if I can do it using just my own 2 feet, even better!

Runner Interview: Max King – Salomon Running Athlete (@maxkingor)

Interview with Max King, The Salomon Sponsored Ultra & Mountain Runner, OCR Racer and all round Trail Running badass.

Runner Interview: Dion Leonard Author of Finding Gobi (@FindingGobi)

Interview with ultrarunner Dion Leonard, author of true story, Finding Gobi. From starting running for a bet to competing in the World's toughest ultras.

Runner Interview: Sarah Williams, founder of Tough Girl Challenges

Runner Interview: Trail & Kale Runner Interview with Sarah Williams, founder of Tough Girl Challenges

Transvulcania 2017 – Race Interview with James Scott

The location is stunning, La Palma is the lesser-known island in the Canaries but so beautiful. The course itself is very hard, especially for a normal guy like me.

Runner Interview: Florens von der Decken (@floruns)

Runner Interview: Florens von der Decken - It’s no shame at all to walk the steeper climbs from time to time. It’s actually quite clever and you can soak in the beauty of nature...

Runner Interview: Charlotte Martin (@mtn.charlotte)

But above all, have lots of fun running, realise how life and the land are beautiful and how fortunate you are to be able to use your lungs and your two legs to cross the landscapes!

Runner Interview: Margaret Spring (@runner4cake)

It’s a gift to run outside in nature. Take every step, breath of fresh air, and view in! OHHHHHH and bring snacks, pick an EPIC view, and picnic it up!!!

Trail Running Advice: From Our Runner Interviews Series

A selection of the best trail running advice from our trail runner interview series - interviews with inspiring trail runners from around the World

Runner Interview: Elisabeth Borgersen (@elisbo)

Runner Interview: Elisabeth Borgersen - Consistency is the key to development, especially for the long distances. Listen to your body and enjoy the nature when being out.

Runner Interview: Malory Peterson (

Training is a lifestyle, not a means to an end. I don’t follow any plans, I don’t use a GPS watch, and I don’t track my stats. In training I follow a basic guideline: stay dynamic.

Runner Interview: Sami Vaskola (@masterdreamer)

Take your time, pace, enjoy, rest, remember your nutrition and keeping your salt as well as your body's optimal level.

Runner Interview: Steph Harrap (@anygivenrunday)

Runner Interview: Steph Harrap - I think a plan is one of the most important tools to have as a runner…if you fail to plan you plan to fail, right?!

Runner Interview: Cat Ogle (@cat_stadie)

Every boom of thunder and flash of lightning almost had me hitting the ground (in fear honestly). I have NEVER ran so hard in my entire life.

Runner Interview: Sawna Guadarrama (@sawna)

Be present in the moment, because everything is temporary- moments, feelings, experiences, even trails are constantly changing. ENJOY THEM!

Runner Interview: Holin Wilbanks (@holins_trail_hustle)

Be prepared and be ready for an adventure… and have a little extra time on your hands when you head out with me.

Runner Interview: Ira Rainey (@IraRainey)

Runner Interview: Ira Rainey Location: Bristol, UK When and why did you start running? I started running in 1999 when I saw the Bristol Half Marathon mentioned in...

Runner Interview: Nicky Spinks (@NickySpinks)

Runner Interview: Nicky Spinks - Every year I challenge myself to something new. Last year it was the Double Bob Graham in the Lake District – a 132-mile...

Runner Interview: Brian Sharp (@boldscot)

"There isn't a freer feeling than running in the mountains, nothing truly compares to being exposed to the clearest air and those incredible views."

Runner Interview: Morgan Hope Sjogren (@running_bum_)

"The other big adventure was running up a 14er with Jenn Shelton, drinking too much beer and then booking a trip to Chamonix...."

Runner Interview: Ross Spalding (@ross.spalding)

After a race I love that rather than asking 'how did you place' or 'what was your time' fell running is often more: "how did you find the route and did you have some fun?".

Runner Interview: Belen Andreus (@pocoybien)

"Run to have fun, run to feel good, run without being dependent on a stopwatch, run without suffering, run the distance that you desire in every moment..."

Runner Interview: Piotr Babis (@iron_explorer)

Run in a place that makes you feel happy.

Runner Interview: Lucja Leonard (@runningdutchie)

Runner Interview: Lucja Leonard Location: Edinburgh, Scotland When and why did you start running? I started running about 9 years ago to lose weight as I...

Runner Interview: Jenny Tough (@jennytough)

In September I ran solo across Kyrgyzstan. It was a distance of about 950km, carrying all of my 12kg of equipment in a backpack. I aimed to use ancient nomad trails to cross the Tien Shan mountains on a route that had never before been run, relying on yurt-dwelling nomads for assistance in the wild.

Runner Interview: Johanna Erhart (@joh_aenni)

Runner Interview: Johanna Erhart Location: Salzburg, Austria When and why did you start running? The last few years I ran a lot on asphalt, because I...

Runner Interview: Maria Dalzot (@mariadalzot)

Runner Interview: Maria Dalzot Location: Bellingham, Washington, USA When and why did you start running? I started running when I was very young as something I did...

Runner Interview: Alastair Dixon (@alidixoninstagram)

Runner Interview: Alastair Dixon - I have quite a competitive mindset, so when I see fast results, I jump at the opportunity to challenge myself further.

Runner Interview: Angelika Sverdrup (@angelikasverdrup)

"My biggest adventure so far has been to run across Gran Canaria from north to south in 3 days with a group led by ultra runner Sondre Amdahl last February."

Runner Interview: Helen Dixon (@pixietrails)

"My first trail marathon taught me how powerful the mind is: that strength can enable you to achieve things you may have previously not thought possible."
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