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Trail Running Films, Reviews & Advice: Trail & Kale YouTube Channel

The Trail & Kale YouTube Channel: Trail Running Films, Reviews, Advice, Fitness Routines & Interviews

Did you know that we are also on YouTube? This post briefly outlines the different types of video content and playlists that are available to watch for free on our YouTube channel. Take a look and leave us a comment over there, please subscribe if you like what you see! ?

Trail Running Films

We create these videos to inspire others to go on their own trail running adventures and make new memories. These trail running films feature some of our ‘run-cations’, adventure runs and races from around the world!

Here are a couple of our latest trail running films:

‘Running Films’ Playlist

Trail Running Advice

We know that many people also like to learn from video rather than text-based articles. When time permits we do our best to film advice videos to help make your running experiences more enjoyable.

Have a question that you would like us to answer on a future video? Let us kno in the comments below.

Don’t forget to also view our ‘Advice‘ category, right here on trailandkale.com.


‘Trail Running Advice’ Playlist

Strength Training & Fitness Routines for Trail Running

To become a stronger runner it’s important to add strength training into your fitness routine. We share our favourite exercises and offer advice. Many of the exercises will be using our own body weight and sometimes simple gym equipment (that can be used at home) will be required.

You will most likely be able to perform these strength training exercises from the comfort of your own home but you can also take them to the gym if you would prefer.

‘Strength Training & Fitness Routines’ Playlist


We have many written Interviews with elite and non-elite runners on trailandkale.com but keep checking our YouTube channel for interviews as sometimes we produce them in video format too.

Don’t forget to also view our ‘Interviews‘ category, right here on trailandkale.com.


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Here is an interview with Ultra running legend, Dean Karnazes:

‘Interviews’ Playlist

Gear Reviews

We really enjoy testing out the latest trail running gear to see how well it performs in comparison with similar products on the market.

If you would like to see a particular shoe, apparel, race vest or accessory reviewed, let us know in the comments and we will try to get it done.

A couple of examples below:

Here, you will find honest reviews that share our own personal opinions about all sorts of gear relating to trail running, hiking and mountain adventures.

Don’t forget to also view our ‘Gear Reviews‘ category, right here on trailandkale.com.

‘Gear Reviews’ Playlist

Would you like to see other types of content on our Channel too? Let us know in the comments below.

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Alastair Dixon
Alastair Dixonhttp://www.alidixon.com
Founder & CEO of Trail & Kale / Landscape & Adventure Photographer.


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