Trail & Kale Instagram Charity Donations Initiative

It’s time to give back to our community of Instagram content creators!

Trail & Kale is the first Instagram Running Account to donate $2 to the World Land Trust, for every image we share, on behalf of the content creator.

We know how great it feels when you have your awesome image posted on a popular Instagram feed which focuses on sharing inspiration for the things you love seeing and doing. This recognition is exciting as it connects us through our common passion and helps others discover our personal talents whether it be photography, running or something related to the two.

Many large Instagram Feeds are charging contributors to have their image appear on their feed and be shared with all their followers. We realised, that donating to a good cause on behalf of the people whose images we share, is a perfect and sustainable way to give credit.

We ourselves at Trail & Kale are Creators & Curators and know how much effort goes into creating and discovering awesome content.

We are constantly inspired by your content, and so we want to give you even more of an incentive to use our #trailandkale hashtag for the opportunity to get featured on our Instagram feed or the blog.

Visibility of donations made by Trail & Kale

See our fundraising page. which we update regularly to view donation progress.

So remember!

  • Use the #trailandkale hashtag (so that we can discover & consider your image for a repost)
  • Tell your friends about @trailandkale, the first Instagram Running Feed donating to the World Land Trust on behalf of its contributors, for posting their images.
  • Have fun on the trails, and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!!

Join the revolution as we help pave the way to a fairer Instagram Sharing Environment


use #trailandkale for a chance to be featured on the feed

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Here is a link to our Charity page showing donations made so far and our future targets.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this pioneering initiative! If you have any comments or questions, please let us know in the comments below or alternatively drop us an email!

Trail & Kale xx

Alastair Dixon
Alastair Dixon
Founder & CEO of Trail & Kale / Landscape & Adventure Photographer.


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