Brooks Cascadia 13 Women’s Review

Brooks Cascadia 13 women's review - Trail & Kale
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Women’s Brooks Cascadia 13

When a running shoe reaches its 13th edition, it must be good. The Brooks Cascadia 13 women’s are the first pair of Brooks trail running shoes I have run in, despite there having been 12 Cascadias before this model – although I’ve run through their excellent road running shoes, the Ghost 10s, and am now running roads in the Ghost 11s, too.

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Brooks Cascadia 13 2019 Review: A Cushioned & Responsive Trail Shoe

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The trails around where I live are varied – from dirt singletrack and gravel fire roads to root-strewn forest trails – but generally, dry. I therefore like to have a go-to pair of trail running shoes that can handle the range of trails I may experience in any given run – and that have enough cushioning to protect my feet for hours of hard, rocky terrain.

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The Cascadia 13 shoe boasts a good amount of cushioning, so much so that I hardly notice hard rocks underfoot. I love putting these on knowing that I can be out for hours and my feet won’t be sore from the thousands of steps they’ll take on dry, rocky terrain.

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Fit & Design

The Brooks Cascadia 13s fit true to size, consistent with other trail running shoe brands such as OnInov-8 and Salomon. The cushioning means they offer a snug, but not too tight fit, and the laces do not need to be tied very tight for them to stay on comfortably.

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Waterproof version

The standard Brooks Cascadia 13s are not waterproof – and for the type of running and terrain I am using them for, I do not need waterproof running shoes. However, Brooks make a GTX (Gore-Tex) version of the same shoes, which would be great if you do a lot of your Fall/Winter running in wet conditions – see Brooks Cascadia 13 GTX Women’s

Warmth and breathability

Due to the amount of cushioning, the Brooks Cascadia 13 are at the warmer end of the scale when it comes to trail running shoes. This, I like, as I tend to get cold feet even when running in summer, yet they don’t get noticeably hot in these shoes even when worn running in 30C/85F temperature. I’ve worn these for 3+ hours (including a 30k trail race) at a time and my feet felt comfortable throughout, with no excessive sweating or rubbing anywhere.

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Rugged outsole

The Cascadia 13 shoes are designed to be tough. They’re named after the Pacific Northwest’s Cascadia mountains, after all! The outsole looks like it means business, with chunky grip underfoot, which wraps up over the toe box, to give grip on steep climbs. I haven’t slipped (yet) in these, even when climbing steep, rocky terrain.

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Heel-to-toe drop

With a 10mm drop, the Cascadia 13s are not particularly close to being zero-drop. However, I really like this. I’m famously bad at getting down steep gravel tracks without spending half the time on my ass as a result of my feet slipping out from under me. During the aforementioned 30k, I found that having a little more of a heel-to-toe drop meant that my weight was naturally leaning further forward than I would be when wearing, say, shoes with a 4mm drop.

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For more technical details…

Alastair also reviewed the men’s version of the Cascadia 13s. Visit his review to read more about some of the technical features of these trail shoes.

Brooks Cascadia 13 2019 Review: A Cushioned & Responsive Trail Shoe

Available Colors

brooks cascadia 13 mens
Brooks Cascadia 13Men’s – $130

The Brooks Cascadia 13 comes in two different colors for both the men’s and women’s so be sure to check them out at Pictured to the left is one of the colors for the Cascadia 13 Men’s version. Here are some links to the waterproof versions:


Brooks Cascadia 13 Womens




Design & Function









  • Excellent rock protection
  • Well cushioned
  • Fit true to size
  • Good downhill grip


  • Less flexible than other styles

Find the best price for Brooks Cascadia 13 Women’s

In Summary

Brooks Cascadia 13 women’s are great trail companions for all types of terrain, and particularly where you need a pair of trail running shoes that will go the distance on rocky terrain for hours.brooks cascadia 13 womens 2

Buy Now at – $130

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