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Runner Interview: Sami Vaskola (@masterdreamer)

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Runner Interview: Sami Vaskola

  • Location: Helsinki, Finland & Modena, Italy

Sami Vaskola (4)

When and why did you start running?


Geez… Well I guess at the age of four. Running has always been there, ever since I was a little kid, especially running away from neighbors when doing something bad.

It was not until later years 30+ that I started to race. First 5k, 10k, half´s and eventually Ironman events.

Describe your ideal race (let us know if it’s real or fictional, and describe details including the location, climate, terrain and duration)

Well I have become a leisure racer in recent years. Speed is still there, but not world class anymore, so 30-50k trail and road combinations with very high altitude change fits me the best. I like to enjoy the views and outdoors. Well I guess I still challenge myself when putting those sneakers on…

Sami Vaskola (1)

Tell us about your favourite trail

Mijas hills (Spain), Gythion countryside (Greece) and Bowen Island trails (Vancouver Canada)… Those are all special for me, but I really like the Bowen island, Magnificent views and you can finish it with an ocean swim.

Take your time, pace, enjoy, rest, remember your nutrition and keeping your salt as well as your body’s optimal level. Trails wont run away, they will still be there tomorrow.

What has been your biggest running / adventure challenge to date?

Wow… Well I think those ones are yet to come. I really liked the Victoria Ironman and also Italy Ironman.. Also being a supporter and film maker to Spartathlon (Greece) has always been exiting. The real challenges has not been the races but more the personal explorations of the Alps, Rocky Mountains and Patagonia.

Sami Vaskola (7)

Tell us about your greatest running fail, we’ve all had – or will have – them at some point!

Changing shoes to a minimal style with 4mm heel, snapping my Achilles and not been able to run in nearly 5 years.

Sami Vaskola (2)

What advice would you give to a new trail runner?

Take your time, pace, enjoy, rest, remember your nutrition and keeping your salt as well as your body’s optimal level. The trails won’t run away, they will still be there tomorrow.

Sami Vaskola (5)

What is your favourite bit of running kit, and why?

Honey (I guess water is not an option) 😉

What challenges / races / adventures are you planning for the coming year?

There´s a few 50-100k trail running events I have set my sights, but this also depends on film-making locations.

Sami Vaskola (3)

Whats your favourite running/adventure book, and which songs keep you going when things get tough?

I might be odd case, but I have never read any running or adventure books.. I eat all kinds of music, from Rock to Surf and Hip-Hop to techno.

Finally, What do you get up to when you’re not running or adventuring?

Film-making.. I also do lot of core training, paleo, tri-training and swimming..

Sami Vaskola (6)

You can check out some of Sami’s film and photography work on his online portfolio: www.pandeiapartners.com – So beautiful!!

Thank you for taking the time to be interviewed Sami, we would love to get you back to talk about photography techniques, gear and more relating to the arty side of capturing trail running on film. Our readers would also love to learn how to improve their trail running shots for our Instagram community page 🙂
Happy Trails!

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