Guest Post Submissions

We are born out of a love of running, nature and creativity

Trail & Kale is all about providing people with advice, inspiration, and information to help them get outside and enjoy being in nature and on the trails.

We are excited to be able to now share quality written and visual content from guest contributors to help provide our readers and community with relevant advice, inspiration and information.

We’d love to hear your ideas!

Before you submit an idea for a guest post, please read our guidelines, below. We receive a lot of guest post submissions and your chances of getting featured will be much greater if you follow our suggestions.

What to Write About?Keep it relevant...

To keep the content as relevant as possible, we suggest you pitch ideas on the following subjects:

  • Running nutrition and meals (plant-based)
  • Cross-training for runners – such as climbing, yoga, outdoor fitness, cycling, strength and conditioning
  • A guide to running in a particular region
  • A write-up of an interesting or inspiring adventure on the trails including race events.
  • A how-to guide on particular relevant skills, such as navigation.

  • *If you are pitching on a particular area of expertise, such as nutrition or exercise/training, please remember to include your credentials in this area / a link to your website as appropriate.

What to Write About?
How to apply

How to applyPlease send an email with your guest post idea to

Make sure you include the following information:

  • Subject title should be: Guest Post from [your name/blog]
  • Who you are and the name of your blog/website (if applicable)
  • The title of your proposed guest post
  • A couple of bullet points outlining the content of the post
  • A link to 1 or 2 examples of your best work

  • *We aim to get back to all submissions within a week.

Submitting ContentSome helpful guidelines...

Once we have approved your guest post idea and you have written the article, please follow these guidelines before sending it to us:

  • Is unique content (not published anywhere else)
  • Is 800-1500 words long
  • Is clearly written, succinct, and makes good use of headings, subheadings, blockquotes and bullet points to help the reader
  • Is specific, using examples and references
  • Has a conclusion and a call to action
  • Includes 2-4 links to useful sources
  • Has a relevant and clear title
  • Has an author bio which can include a link to your own blog and socials.
  • Includes 4-6 images, including at least one landscape (for the header) and a clear headshot image of you as the author. These should be your own photos. Quality of visuals should be high in resolution and creativity.
  • Is emailed to us as a Google Doc or Word file or link to Drive or Dropbox, together with a link to the images (which are easiest to download if shared via Drive or Dropbox/similar)

Submitting Content

Other important information

If your guest post submission is successful, we may ask you to make some changes or alterations. Please don’t be put off by this – we just want to make it as good as possible. We may also make some spelling and grammatical alterations if needed.

Unfortunately, we do not offer payment for guest posts. But your article will be shared on our popular blog and social media channels for our growing community and the World to see!

Once the guest post is live, we ask that you share the post with your own readership on social media to help spread the love and get it seen by as many people as possible.

We do not accept Sponsored Articles for SEO or link backs.