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Yesglasses has you covered for affordable prescription sunglasses and glasses

Yesglasses sells stylish frames with prescription lenses for less than $100 (Yes, you read that right)


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Yesglasses is an online eyewear company that specializes in affordable prescription glasses and sunglasses.


Their range includes frames suitable for sports and adventurous activities, such as watersports, hiking, and running, with polarized frame options to help reduce glare, increase visual clarity and enhance contrast.

DONT MISS: Use code HALFOFF to get 50% off your second pair at yesglasses.com.

They’re also known for selling blue light filtering glasses, with prescription and plain blue light lenses, which you may want to consider if your days involve a lot of computer use and screen time. If you’re looking for blue light eyeglasses, check out their range and use the code BLUE to get up to 75% off a pair.

It can be virtually impossible to find quality prescription glasses and sunglasses for anything less than $100, so Yesglasses is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the market for a new pair and don’t want to spend hundreds on your eyewear each time.

About Yesglasses online

Yesglasses is differentiated by the company offering customers worldwide, the opportunity to buy glasses (and sunglasses) online, directly from the factory.

The company has in-house designers so the frames you can find on their website are unique to Yesglasses.

This factory-direct, online eyeglasses sales model allows Yesglasses to keep costs relatively low and means the company is able to offer frames starting at prices as low as $39, while still doing so with a focus on quality (every pair of glasses is checked for quality control before it leaves the factory).

As far as lens quality goes, Yesglasses lenses are high-index (including thin 1.61 index lenses as standard, as well as even thinner options you can upgrade to), anti-scratch, and anti-reflective, and are offered with 100% UV protection for free.

As well as customizing the lens thickness, you can add other features such as tinted or mirrored lens finishes, such as these mirrored prescription sunglasses.

Yesglasses reviews Black mirrored sunglasses
Black frame, mirrored prescription sunglasses from Yesglasses.com

If you’ve never bought sunglasses or eyeglasses frames online, or haven’t tried an online glasses store for a while, you’ll also appreciate their virtual glasses try-on service, which lets you upload a picture and see how their frames look on your face, before you buy.

Another useful tool on their site is their face shape tool, which uses a photo of you and their AI software to work out your face shape and help determine what frame style (or styles) complements it the best! Try it out here: Yesglasses Face Shape Tool.

Another great feature of the glasses you can find on their online store is that they come with a glasses case and cleaning cloth included – and this is all shipped free to customers in the US.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering – Yesglasses accepts Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), and can provide detailed invoices for other types of eyecare insurance.

Choosing sunglasses and glasses frames online

The ordering process is made simple by the options you can use to filter down your choice of frames by style, size, price, and what materials the frames are made from.

The website also provides clear information on the sizing and weight of your selected frames, so you can make sure they’re going to be suitable for you.

Yesglasses review online prescription glasses
Lightweight clear lens prescription glasses from Yesglasses.com

As well as entering your lens prescription, you also get the option to add on features, such as polarized lenses and blue light filtering, as part of the ordering process.

This is also where the virtual try-on service comes in which can help give you an idea of how the different frames will look on your face.

Once ordered, shipping is fast, and you have the option to return or swap the frames if you’re not satisfied within 14 days.

Yesglasses frame options

Some of our favorite frames from their range have Wayfarer-style, acetate frames, although we’re also fans of the thin metal-framed options, such as the aviator style below.

Yes glasses reviews rose gold polarized aviator sunglasses
Rose gold polarized aviator sunglasses frames from Yesglasses.com

Because these eyeglasses come at an affordable price point, you may be tempted to buy a couple of pairs (especially as with this code HALFOFF you get 50% off your second pair), so you can mix up what frame and lens styles you wear daily.

They’re a great option if you like to have that variety to choose from each day.


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