Voited Trooper Review: A Cosy Poncho Blanket Companion For Camping, The Beach And More

It's cosy, water-resistant and plenty roomy! Learn more about the Voited Trooper poncho-blanket hybrid, when you might use it and who it's best for.


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The Voited Trooper Outdoor Premium Poncho-Blanket is a unique poncho-blanket for wearing in a variety of outdoors scenarios, functioning as a blanket or poncho, and is made with water-resistant, insulating materials, including an outer shell that’s made using 100% recycled polyester from recycling plastic bottles.

In this Voited Trooper review, I cover the key features of the Trooper poncho-blanket hybrid, who and what situations it’s suitable for, my likes, dislikes, and of course plenty of photos of it in real life so you can see what it’s like before deciding if it’s for you.

About Voited

Voited specializes in creating lightweight, durable, and packable outdoor products with recycled materials, which are most at home when used for camping, the beach, travel, vanlife or simply staying warm when doing anything in and around the outdoors.

Some of their most popular products include the bestselling Voited Cloudtouch camping blanket, which has a fleece lining and water-resistant exterior, complete with cool, artist-inspired graphic design and snaps so you can convert it into a sleeping bag!

Voited Trooper Review A Cosy Poncho Blanket Companion

The key specifications of the Voited Trooper Poncho

  • Price: $119 at Voited.com
  • Open dimensions: 80 inches x 49 inches (203 cm x 124 cm)
  • Weight: 3.2 lbs (1.47kg)
  • Temperature range: designed for comfort at temperatures down to 11°C (52°F)
  • Pockets: A kangaroo pocket with holes in the side for your hands, and a top zip pocket
  • Other features: Water-resistant outer shell (made from 100% recycled polyester), adjustable toggle and snapped hood, converts into a blanket by undoing the side snaps, comes with its own stuff-sack for storage and transporting
  • Designed for: Camping, van life, the beach, watersports, post run or workout warm layer, changing cover for post-swim or post-workout

3 standout features of the Voited Trooper Poncho-Blanket

1. It’s a hands-free camp blanket you can wear

Voited Trooper Poncho Blanket hybrid

When you’re cold, whether that’s at the beach after a swim or sundown, camping nights and early mornings, warming up and changing after a long run… throwing on the Trooper is an easy way to get instant warmth and wind protection over whatever you’re wearing and still have your hands free.

It features high-loft, hollow-fiber plant-based insulation that maintains its loft wash after washes, so if you do find yourself needing to wash your Trooper poncho you don’t need to worry about compromising the insulation.

Unlike a regular blanket, there’s also plenty of storage for your phone, snacks, etc in the large front zippered kangaroo pocket.

Unsnap the sides and the Trooper converts into a blanket that’s large enough to share with someone else – great for the beach, festivals and outdoors concerts!

I prefer to use the Trooper as a warm layer to throw on after a long race or day on the trails. I keep it in my car for those situations – and it could also double as a warm layer in the event you find yourself stuck out there with your vehicle on a cold day.

It’s so roomy you can easily use it as a changing blanket to get those wet, dirty running clothes off before driving away, and it’s better than a simple changing robe because it’s insulated to keep you warm mid-change.

2. The 100% recycled, weather-resistant shell

Voited Trooper Poncho
Toggles to adjust the hood

This poncho (or blanket, if you prefer), is designed to be used outdoors (the outer is treated in an eco-friendly fluorine-free water-repellent coating), so you can wear it in a variety of conditions without getting concerned about getting wet and cold, or it soaking through and weighing you down.

When you unsnap the sides and lay it on the ground, outer-side down, to use as a blanket, it shields you, and anyone you’re sharing the blanket with, from moisture and cold from the ground.

The water-resistant coating also has the benefit of making it wind-proof (except for where wind can blow in between the side snaps), which works together with the insulation to help keep you warm, and is really important if you’re looking for something that you can put on after doing watersports or a sweaty endeavor such as a big run or bike ride, where your body temperature can drop quickly as you cool down.

It’s also important to recognize that as with most of their other products, Voited uses a significant amount of recycled materials in the creation of the Trooper poncho, which has a recycled outer crafted from ocean-bound plastic bottles.

3. It makes a great gift

Voited Trooper Blanket on the ground with a dog
The Voited Trooper converts to a large blanket – outer-side down is best for water-resistance and insulation

Anyone who’s into camping, watersports or spends a lot of time outdoors can get good use and enjoyment out of having one of these.

At a very reasonable price point ($119 at the time of writing this review but check the Trooper product page on Voited’s website for any changes or deals), it’s one of the better camping gift ideas out there, and comes in one size and several color options so you don’t need to worry about what size to go for.

Features I feel could be improved

1. It’s not particularly lightweight

Voited Trooper packable poncho blanket
The included stuff sack is great for packing down and storing the Trooper

Although described as lightweight on the website’s product page, and packable down into its own sleeping-bag style compression sack (that’s included!), weighing in at 3.2 lbs (1.47kg), the Trooper is not that lightweight compared to other puffy insulated gear we come across and review.

This makes it similar to a lot of camping gear, and so it’s worth noting the Trooper’s size means it’s fairly bulky to transport if you’re used to traveling ‘fast and light’.

2. The Trooper could feel too large for smaller individuals

Voited Trooper poncho sizing advice
The Trooper comes in one size, which is quite large on me but maybe that’s just the style

I mentioned earlier in this review that the Trooper comes in one size, which is desirable when you’re buying a gift or have difficulty finding the right size for yourself!

That said, because it should in theory fit everyone, and to put on it simply slides on over your head, fits super loose and has two huge arm-holes, the smaller statured amongst us can feel swamped when wearing the Trooper. As a 5ft 4 female with a regular build, it feels large on me, but fits much better on my husband (who is 5ft 8).

Voited Trooper review summary

The Voited Trooper is a useful item to have at home, with your camping gear, or in your car or camper van for the type of person who spends a lot of time outdoors – and especially people who enjoy time at the lake, beach or other sports and activities requiring a changing robe and a means of quickly getting and staying warm.

It’s also great that it’s made with recycled materials, eco-conscious water-repellent treatment, and more affordable than other outdoorsy poncho wear that it competes with.

It may not be for you if you need a more packable, lightweight poncho, or if you’re smaller statured and could feel swamped in such a large garment – in which case, I suggest checking out my Rumpl Poncho review to see if those are more suitable for your needs.

Where to buy the Voited Trooper Poncho-Blanket hybrid

The Voited Trooper is available to buy directly from Voited’s website and costs $119 at the time of writing – check Voited’s website for current pricing:


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