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Top 10 Trail Adventure Gifts for Summer (UPDATED)

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April is a fun time of year, Spring is in the air and it’s most likely when you’ll be getting your annual tax refund, Yasss!! 🙂 Or maybe you’ve just finished college and want to treat yourself, for these reasons, we’ve put together this special list that showcases some awesome trail gear for your Summer adventures. Right then, let’s get started with our Top 10 gift ideas that will spark joy in your Summer adventures!

1. Blue Ridge Camping Hammock

Lawson Hammock Blue Ridge Camping Hammock trail and kale gift guide

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock from Lawson Hammock has won various awards for its innovative design, most notably from “Backpacker” and “Outside“. So, what makes it so special? Firstly, and probably most importantly is Lawson Hammock’s patented design that allows for suspended hammock camping or staked and secured ground camping, this gives you a ton of pitching/suspending options wherever you decide to camp out.

I love that the Blue Ridge Camping Hammock has a bar and arch pole system that keeps the hammock flat unlike the more traditional designs that suck you in as you put your weight on them, which can be awkward for two people.

Even more unusual for a hammock, there is a built-in no-see-um bug net and attachable rainfly which means you don’t need to worry about pesky insects (including ticks) or unpredictable weather conditions.

The Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is the ultimate tent-hammock hybrid chilling/sleeping setup.

2. Rumpl Puffy Blanket

RUMPL Puffy Blankets at REI

The Rumpl Puffy Blanket packs down, which makes it great for backpacking or camping. They’re also made with synthetic down which makes us happy, and if you have pets, these Rumpl blankets are great because they don’t collect fur like wool blankets.

There are so many fun designs to choose from so make sure you check out the complete RUMPL range at REI, but our favorite design is the Bermuda pattern. $129.00 See Deal See Deal
Last Amazon price update was: 17th January 2020 5:51 am

3. Solo Stove Bonfire Firepit

solo stove bonfire pit main trail and kale

The Solo Stove Bonfire Firepit is intended for camping trips, where fires are safe and permitted, but we think one of these would be perfect for the garden too! It’s a very clean and simple way to have a firepit in your backyard, plus it’s designed to minimise smoke, which is better for you if you’re going to be socialising around it all night.

4. Randolph Aviator Sunglasses

Randolph Aviators review Trail Kale 2

Randolph was founded in 1973 and is now the only remaining metal eyewear company in the USA. I think it’s so nice to see these premium high-quality sunglasses still being made in the USA, when so many other brands have chosen to take the work overseas. The Randolph Aviators are a true classic, that will never go out of fashion. They fit securely on your face, when active in your day to day, or hiking over trails, and are very comfortable when worn for long periods of time.

I love that you can fully customise these handcrafted sunglasses, down to the materials, lenses and arms used. The scratch resistant lenses are made from mineral glass (for the clearest vison), are UVA and UVB protected and have anti reflective backside coating, which means you don’t get any distracting reflections from behind.

5. LARQ Bottle

LARQ Bottle review self cleaning water bottle adventure lifestyle Trail and Kale web 4

When it comes to water purification and the odor-neutralization process, the LARQ bottle does it all. The LARQ bottle is a purifying water bottle for those who want something a little different from all the other insulated water bottles on the market. The LARQ self-cleaning bottle can fill up from almost anywhere, even on the trails, and will purify your water at the tap of a button. The bottle itself has been designed beautifully too and is built to a very high standard.

If you wan’t to take it on a hiking trip with you, I recommend getting the LARQ Limited Edition sleeve too, as it will protect the bottle and give you a means to attach it to your backpack.

6. Pendleton National Parks Blanket

pendleton national park blanket trail and kale 2

These classic blankets from Pendleton, look just as great on the sofa at home as they do in a tent on trail adventures. There are a few different designs available, all of which are inspired by the National Parks, Helen’s in love with the blue Crater Lake design.

Each blanket has a Pendleton label signifying its authenticity and special woven label with the park name and image of an important natural feature. National Park Blankets are still woven in their Pacific Northwest mills, just as they were nearly 100 years ago.

7. Big Agnes Tiger Wall 3 Platinum

Big Agnes Tiger Wall 3 Platinum summer gifts trail and kale

With ultralight materials and simple architecture, the Big Agnes Tiger Wall Platinum 3 tent is an ultralight overnight companion that’s quick and easy to set up in the dark, in a storm or by yourself.

This tent takes two-door tent life to a crazy light new level. Two doors, two vestibules, free-standing and with tons of extras found on many full-featured tents from Big Agnes – including pre-cut guylines, color-coded webbing, buckles and storage pockets. For weight-conscious backcountry travelers (great for fastpacking too), this is the ultimate overnight companion.

8. Patagonia Duffel Bag 70L

Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 70LNothing says ‘I’m going on an adventure’ better than a big durable duffel bag with the Patagonia logo! Of course, it’s equally useful for less-adventurous trips. We love travelling with ours because you can chuck them around and squish them in tight spaces without worrying about them breaking.

9. Goal Zero Venture 70 Recharger

Goal Zero Venture 70 Recharger

The Goal Zero Venture 70 weatherproof portable power bank can charge your smartphone up to 6 times on one charge. It has two USB ports too so your friend or partner can charge theirs at the same time. It can even charge small cameras (like a GoPro Action Camera) and tablets. It weighs in at 1lb which is very light for a device like this!

10. YETI Rambler Tumbler

YETI Rambler Tumbler with MagSlider Lid 30 fl oz

The YETI Rambler Tumbler is one of REI’s best selling products, and for good reason! It’s one of those products that actually does what the marketing proclaims, yet still amazes people when it does it. This BPA-free tumbler will keep your cold drinks cold, all day long, no matter how hot it is outside. The same goes for keeping hot drinks hot when it’s cold out.

The Rambler Tumbler uses magnets in the lid to keep your drink contained while on the move; they also make it easy to open and close. The double-wall vacuum insulation is made from kitchen-grade stainless steel making them easy to clean, rust-resistant and dishwasher safe. If all those features weren’t enough for a drinks tumbler, it also has a tapered design so it can fit in most car cup holders, bonus!


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