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The Revelry Drifter Backpack is an odor absorbing and water-resistant rolltop backpack, suitable for a diverse range of uses, from everyday work, commuting and school, to hiking and travel. This Revelry Drifter Backpack review covers its key features and my experience of using it for day-hikes and general everyday use. This review also includes plenty of photos and a summary of the pros and cons of this backpack.

From seeing and handling the bag first-hand, it’s clear that the Drifter Backpack has been made using quality materials and construction, and is designed to be sufficiently durable to last a long time.

As you’ll see in the photos throughout this review, Revelry Supply’s Drifter Backpack is certainly Instagram-friendly and would certainly be at home with a ranger-style hat, some old-school hiking boots and a vintage camera, perhaps accompanied by a Pendleton Blanket. Read on for more about what I think about this backpack and why it complements day-trips for picnics, photos, day hikes or simply everyday commuting.

Revelry Drifter Backpack Review – Table of Contents

Design and Style of the Drifter Backpack

Adding to the quality feel is the vintage style of the backpack – it’s refreshing to get to know brands who create durable products that feel like they will last forever and not need replacing. The style of the Drifter is classic retro-backpacker, from the 7 muted outdoorsy color options to the leather details and metal hardware. It also smells really good!

Revelry Drifter Backpack review trail and kale web wm 15
Revelry Supply Drifter Backpack in Ash canvas color, with brass-colored metal hardware and leather details.

The exterior fabric is a rugged-looking canvas, which is designed to be durable and withstand some wear and tear. The fabric starts off quite stiff and softens up over time, making the backpack straps more comfortable with wear, similar to a pair of leather boots that you need to ‘break-in’ to fit to your feet (or in this case, body). Our Drifter backpack is the ‘Ash’ color option, which I love.

Revelry Drifter Backpack review trail and kale web wm 10

Water-Resistant and Odor-Absorbing features

The construction of the Drifter Backpack is designed to make it water-resistant and odor-absorbing. Each bag has a nylon or cotton canvas exterior that has a heavy-duty rubber backing (which you can’t see from the inside or outside of the bag), and a three-layered carbon filter system, made up of an activated charcoal layer sandwiched between two synthetic filters.

The rubber-backing, together with the taped water-resistant zippers on the main bag opening and front pocket, contribute to its water-resistance.

Revelry Drifter Backpack review trail and kale web wm 12
The front pocket and main compartment have taped zips, which help keep water out and smells in

Why have an Odor-Absorbing backpack?

The main advantages of having an odor-absorbing backpack are to keep the smell of the bag’s contents from emitting from the bag, which for how I may use it, means keep dirty running and hiking gear smells from wafting out, as well as any fancy french cheese smells if I’m using my Revelry Supply Drifter to carry food for a picnic or mid-hike snack.

If you have a need to carry other smelly items that you don’t want people smelling, then an odor-absorbing backpack would be useful for you, too (apparently another popular benefit of an odor-absorbing backpack is for people to use it to carry their marijuana stash on them, for example).

Revelry Drifter Backpack review trail and kale web wm 5

Is the Revelry Supply Drifter Backpack waterproof?

While the Drifter backpack is water-resistant, it is not waterproof, as in it is not designed to be left out in the soaking rain, or submerged. If you fell in a river or deep puddle for a second before it soaks through then you could probably get away with it, but haven’t tried this myself.

Size and Capacity

The Drifter backpack has the capacity of a large daypack – up to 23 litres in volume.

Assuming you do not over-fill it above the fold-line, then the top of the Revelry Drifter is designed to be rolled down to compress the contents. You have a choice of whether to truly roll the top or simply fold it down once, as shown in our photos and video – either way, you can then secure it with the attached and metal clips. See the photos and watch the video in this post to get a better idea of how this looks and the number of items you could fit in it.

Revelry Drifter Backpack review trail and kale web wm 35
The 23 litres of capacity is enough for most day-hikes

In these photos, the Drifter Backpack contains two Helinox chairs (these are crazy-light and fold up small), a Rumpl puffy blanket, a puffy vest, long-sleeved layer, my Leatherman (clipped on the outside in some photos), a small first aid kit, a water bottle (in a side pocket), snacks, and other personal essentials (wallet, hand sanitizer, etc).

The stated size of the Revelry Drifter Backpack 20 x 13 x 6 inches. When the roll-top is unrolled the bag is actually 28 inches long. However, it is not designed to be used without the top fully expanded, although you could if you found you needed the extra space (it wouldn’t look as good though without being able to roll or fold the top down and securing it with the straps).

Revelry Drifter Backpack review trail and kale web wm 37

Interior and Exterior Pockets

Inside the bottom of the main compartment are a laptop pocket and three smaller pockets, made with a soft moleskin fabric. Depending on the size of your laptop it will extend above the top of the interior laptop pocket – it is designed this way rather than being a full laptop sleeve. When the bag is full of other contents, you may not be able to see or easily access these pockets, as they are right down the bottom of the bag’s interior.

In the top half of the main compartment, there is also a ‘secret’ inner zipped stash pocket which could be used for valuables. There is another secret pocket, but I’ll let you find that one 😉

Revelry Drifter Backpack review trail and kale web wm 34
One of the secret compartments inside the Drifter Backpack, suitable for small valuables or essentials

Accessible from the outside of the main compartment is a zipped front pocket and two deep side pockets. The side pockets close with a heavy-duty snap and can be used for water bottles and other items you need to access quickly without unrolling the main compartment. They offer a pretty snug fit when something is in them and the main compartment is also full.

Where to Buy the Revelry Drifter Backpack

For the most choice in styles and color, the Drifter Backpack can be bought online, directly from Revelry Supply Co.

Also available at the stores below: $130.00 See Deal See Deal
Last Amazon price update was: April 23, 2024 8:01 pm

Revelry Drifter Backpack Review Summary


Drifter Backpack Video Review

I hope you enjoyed this Revelry Drifter Backpack review and that it answered any pre-purchase questions you may have had but if not, please ask me anything in the comments below.

One of Trail & Kale's co-founders, a mom, and guardian of our resident trail dog, Kepler, Helen can be found trail running with Kepler and enjoying road runs with her mini in a jogging stroller, all while testing out the latest running gear for our readers.


  1. Hello,

    Nice looking bag. What size water bottle can you fit on the sides? The pockets look rather narrow and I sometimes carry a 40oz Kleen Kanteen.


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