Puffin Koozies: Cool Beverage Jackets For Your Drink

Here's why they make such fun, useful and affordable gifts for friends and family members alike.

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If you’re hunting around for cool yet affordable gifts for outdoors-loving friends and family, then we may have found just the thing: Puffin koozies!

These koozies from Bend-based Puffin Drinkwear are little jackets, hoodies and vests designed to fit popular sizes of beer, wine and soft drink bottles and cans, and are a super fun and practical way to keep your drinks cool.

To see the full range of designs, including new and limited editions, head over to the Puffin Drinkwear website.

You may have already seen them in use at your local trailhead or even the office, and wondered where you can buy one of those puffy beer can coolers and bottle jackets.

Puffin koozies are available in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on whether you’re looking to put a beverage jacket on your 12oz or 16oz cold canned drink, beer or wine bottle.

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Puffin koozies review | Just a few of Puffin’s drink cooler designs

Amongst their most popular designs that receive rave reviews are the lumberjack style checkered plaid jackets, pink, orange and yellow puffy beer can life vests and the furry-hooded parka bottle jacket.

Puffin also offers a personal favorite, the puffy sleeping-bag style drink cooler for your bottle of wine (or large soft drink) – it also has a carrying handle and a little zippered pocket for the bottle-opener (smart!).

These fun drink koozies are equally great for keeping beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages cool as they are for soft drinks including water, sodas, juices, smoothies and kombucha.

One of the ‘coolest’ things about these mini drink jackets is that they make great gifts for everyone – including your Mom or Dad, grandparent, sibling, spouse/partner, son, daughter or friends.

Everyone can see the appeal and appreciate the fun and thought that has gone into creating them.

Whether they’re into camping, fishing, watersports or simply enjoy a good backyard grill, there’s a style that will appeal to them.

Key features that stand out for us in this Puffin koozie review (that make these koozies functional as well as fun) include a durable, insulating lining, soft outer fabric, and a rubberized base for stability and anti-slip on smooth surfaces.

They’re also great in cooler weather as they stop you from getting cold, wet hands from the condensation that can run off those cool drink cans and bottles.

Where to Buy Puffin Beverage Jackets

With prices starting at $18, these Puffin Koozies are cute and affordable – not to mention fun, gifts!

Visit Puffin Drinkwear’s website for the widest range of designs and color options, where you can also take advantage of their 10% off discount offer:

Puffin offers free shipping in the US for orders over $50 and their products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Puffin beverage jackets are also available at the following stores:

rei.com Rei.com $19.95 See Deal
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Last Amazon price update was: 2nd June 2023 8:30 pm
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