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On Running Socks Review 2019

Yes it’s true, On have started making running socks and as you would expect, they look every bit as stylish as their running shoes. I think we can all agree they look pretty cool (which is probably why you’re here, reading this review) but how well do they perform while running? Read on to find out!

on running socks review

I tested all three lengths of On running socks (Low, Mid and High) to see which performed best and how they all compare.

On running socks high review Trail Kale web wm 11

Let’s start by what they all have in common

They actually share most features, except for their length of course but it’s really their usage that sets them apart.

A snug fit

On running socks mid review Trail Kale web wm 8

They all fit with a similar level of compression, that’s not to say they are ‘compression socks’ but they do have a snug fit. There are also localised compression areas, including on the arch which helps to support your feet while stopping the socks from slipping.

Flat Toe Seams

On running socks high review Trail Kale web wm 10

They have flat toe seams which reduce the risk of toe blisters. There’s also extra wiggle room for your toes to splay because of the anatomical shape of the toe area.

Breathable Mesh

Meshed areas on the top of the socks to aid ventilation and temperature regulation.

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Double wall heel protector

On running socks mid review Trail Kale web wm 7They all have a double layer of fabric around the top heel section, which will prevent blisters from shoe rub.

Same Fabric

On running socks low review Trail Kale web featuredAll socks are made from the same fabric mix and have odour control technology that keeps them smelling fresh for longer. See below for materials used in these socks.

  • 94% Polyamide
  • 6% Elastane


The pricing structure is pretty simple with the least expensive model being the Low Sock and the most expensive being the High Sock, with the Mid Sock smack bang in the middle. All socks are built to a very high standard and you definitely get good value for money.

Pros and Cons of each sock length

Now you know the shared features between the On Running Socks, here are my pros and cons for each of them, on an individual basis.

On Low Sock

on running socks review low


  • Very minimal and no show makes them great for casual use, they would pair particularly well with the On Cloud 2018 or On Cloud Waterproof.
  • The most lightweight of all three due to their small size.
  • 3 men’s colors / 3 women’s colors.
  • Least expensive of the 3 socks.


  • I felt they were a little restrictive around the top of the sock and due to the low rise, they were not the most comfortable of the three socks for me.
  • Dirt can get in if you wear them trail running.

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On Mid Sock

on running socks review midPros

  • I like the length of these. They prevent dirt and debris from getting in.
  • Double-walled heel protection feels like it’s in the right place to prevent Achilles rub on the back of some shoes.
  • 4 men’s colors / 4 women’s colors and the colors look great for casual use too.


  • I can’t think of any, the mid-length came out the winner for me!

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On High Sock

on running socks review highPros

  • Wearing long socks is definitely a strong look for trail runners although not everyone will like the high rise. It’s down to personal choice.
  • A longer sock means the funky design has more room to shine!
  • 3 men’s colors / 3 women’s colors.
  • Most expensive of the 3 sock lengths.


  • My feet got quite hot wearing these. It’s pretty normal to expect this from a longer sock but worth mentioning in case you don’t normally wear socks long and suffer from hot feet while running.

View at on-running.com

on running socks review high
On Running Socks
Design & Function9
Nice colors and 3x length options available
Overall Score

In Summary

Each of these On Running socks serves a purpose and I think your final decision should be down to personal choice. My favorite out of all of them was the Mid Sock for its versatility, color options and heel padding that sat in just the right place to protect my achilles from blisters while running.

It’s fair to say that based on my experience, On have nailed the art of producing an excellent running sock.

View at on-running.com

For the best price, free shipping/returns and the choice of all available colors, I recommend buying On Running Socks at the On-Running Store.

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The On Running Brand

Founded in Zurich, Switzerland from a revolutionary idea, a Swiss running shoe has evolved that is still amazing the sporting scene. The On provides a new running sensation and one that puts fun firmly centre-stage.

Check out our On Running brand page where you can see all of our content relating to the Swiss outdoor brand.

If you fancy learning more about their products, be sure to browse their online store.

Visit the On Classics page at on-running.com for discounts on last season's On running shoes.


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