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5 reasons to take the Mock ONE Hammock on your next camping trip

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The Mock ONE Hammock from the Republic of Durable Goods is described by the company as the ‘World’s most compact portable free-standing hammock’. It is designed to be compact and light, quick and easy to set up, and for use anywhere you can think of – and one of the most obvious places to use such a hammock is on your next camping trip!


Whether that’s a trip out your back door or to a wilderness campsite, if you’re looking for a comfortable place to chill and watch the birds, stars or Netflix with a tasty drink to hand, then this could be just the thing.

So without further ado, here are our five reasons why you may want to take a Mock ONE Hammock with you on your next camping trip with our Mock ONE review summary.

Mock ONE Hammock Review contents

Five reasons to take the Mock ONE Hammock on your next camping trip

While I love traditional hammocks and you can’t beat their simplicity, cost-effectiveness and compact design, if you’re looking for something more technical to take camping then the new Mock ONE Hammock may be just the thing you’re after. Here are five reasons why a Mock ONE Hammock may be just the thing to take on your next camping trip:

1. No trees or large level footprint needed

RoDG Mock ONE Hammock trail and kale web wm 16

The Mock ONE Hammock only needs a doormat-sized floor area to stand on. So it is easy to find a small patch of level ground on which to set up your hammock. You don’t need trees, posts or 5ft+ of level ground on which to place it. Plus, the set-up takes 60 seconds to do (yep, we timed it to check this statement!).

You could also pitch it pretty easily in a small space such as on the back of a flatbed of a truck.

2. Keep your drink and accessories clean and off the ground

RoDG Mock ONE Hammock trail and kale web wm 19

The Mock ONE comes with an underbasket that is elevated from the ground, which is where you can put any essentials you want to store and access from your hammock, without necessarily even getting out of your hammock to reach them.

I can reach larger items from lying in the hammock – smaller items that fall to the bottom are a bit more of a challenge to reach, but doable – especially as the Mock ONE is pretty stable so you don’t have much of a risk of rolling out of your hammock if you reach underneath it. I also appreciate that there are two cup-holders inside the accessory basket and you can absolutely reach your beer/tumbler/flask while lying down in the Mock ONE!

3. Comfortable and easy to get in and out of

RoDG Mock ONE Hammock trail and kale web wm 14

Each end of the Mock ONE Hammock has a padded area, so you can use one for your head, and one for your feet/back of your legs. There is also an optional extra pillow you can buy that is designed to use with the hammock; you could also use your own travel pillow or puffy jacket.

Compared to a regular hammock, the Mock ONE is easy to get into and out of. I am 5ft4 and can sit in it then lie back easily without worrying about swinging or flipping out of it. This is helpful and would also benefit someone with more limited mobility who may struggle with a fully-swinging tree-mounted hammock.

4. Great range of extras to suit your environment and campsite

Mock ONE Hammock Additional Extras Trail and Kale

A range of optional extras are available, including bedding, a waterproof tarp, and a bug net. If you’re planning to sleep in your hammock overnight or spend time in it somewhere where bugs can be an issue, then the optional extra bug net is a must-have!

The Mock ONE Hammock bug net mounts directly to the hammock and is designed to stay away from your body so you don’t have that issue where a limb rests up against the net and gets bitten to shreds by mozzies (don’t tell me that’s never happened to you before…). It also provides 360-degree coverage, so you don’t get bugs sneaking up from underneath your hammock.

If you also want rain protection or extra privacy, then on top of the bug net you can also get a specially-designed tarp, called the ‘Happiness Tarp’, which would be good if you’re sleeping out overnight as it basically turns your hammock and bug-net setup into a tent, complete with space underneath for bag and shoe storage undercover. Plus, if you don’t already have a sleeping bag or puffy blanket such as a Rumpl, then the bedding is a good and cost-effective option, too, for a complete sleeping setup.

As we have a lightweight tent already, and one hammock, we use our hammock for daytime activities (or should I say, INactivities, such as chilling and reading) and stargazing. If there are two (or more) in your family / camping ensemble then you probably need to consider getting a couple of hammocks so nobody gets left out – as it is designed to fit only one person, both by weight and size. Fortunately, the Republic of Durable Goods has thought of that and you can by 2-pack bundles on the Republic of Durable Goods’ website, which is discounted compared to buying two hammocks separately.

5. Compact and easy to assemble / dis-assemble

Mock ONE Hammock Assembly GIF 2 1
Assembling the Mock ONE Hammock and getting into it.

Without going into detail, the Mock ONE pretty much just folds out from its compact stowed form, into its assembled form. You fold out the poles and attach the hammock at either end, then voila! A hammock. So it is a lot quicker to put up than a non-standalone alternative – basically like putting up a camping chair, but more comfortable 🙂 It comes with a carrying strap so if you have a walk from your vehicle to campsite than it’s easy enough to carry.

The weight of the hammock (without optional accessories) is 14.5lb – not bad for a hammock including a steel stand and the additional under-hammock storage.

Where to buy the Mock ONE Hammock

Mock ONE Hammock Review Summary

5 reasons to take the Mock ONE Hammock on your next camping trip Trail and Kale
Mock ONE Hammock
Design & Function
Value for money
Very comfortable to lie in
Easy to set up and take down
Small footprint and no trees or posts needed
Although portable in size, it's too heavy to go hiking with therefore better for home and car-camping
Overall Score

Some FAQ about the Mock ONE Hammock

What material is the Mock ONE Hammock made out of?

The hammock fabric is a nylon parachute material, which makes it easy to brush and wipe clean. The frame is made from steel. The Mock ONE Hammock is designed for dry weather and use under the optional tarpaulin – it is not intended to be left out or used in very wet conditions, and this may cause rust on the steel frame.

What is the hammock’s weight capacity?

The advertised weight limit is 250lb, so depending on your size and weight you could fit yourself and a dog, but not designed, size or weight-capacity-wise, for more than one person to share.

What is the maximum height for someone to use the Mock ONE?

The Republic of Durable Goods’ website shows what the Mock ONE Hammock looks like with different-height people using it. It is designed for use by people up to 6ft4 tall – we are 5ft4 and 5ft8 so fit comfortably inside the hammock with just our feet sticking out the end.

I hope you enjoyed this Mock ONE Hammock review, if you have a question for me, please leave it in the comments below. Happy Camping! 🙂

Helen is one of Trail & Kale's co-founders, where she reviews premium outdoor gear and trains our resident trail dog Kepler. Helen enjoys hiking, trail running, watersports and experiencing new and fun adventurous activities, as well as working on lifestyle sustainability projects such as converting our Sprinter van into a tiny home-office on wheels. Learn more about her journey, and everything that Trail & Kale stands for.


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  1. Nice review. I thought the hammock looked great and was really looking forward to receiving mine. Unfortunately, I ordered in June and still haven’t received it (8/10/2020). Initially I was told there are problems in the warehouse but the issues were being addressed. As of the past several weeks, neither customer service or the CEO, CHRIS SVENSRUD, will respond to my messages. I am trying to get a refund but can’t get any assistance.

  2. I am in the same situation as John O. I ordered in June it’s now nearly September. I am kind of shocked they are still taking ordera on their site as they have potentially months long backlog of orders. None of my email and contact form inquiries has received responses. I am starting to feel scammed out of $200.


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