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Jaybird Tarah Review: Jaybird’s Tarah Wireless Sport Headphones are lightweight, minimalist running headphones which are ideal for gym workouts or challenging treadmill sessions. They’re also great everyday headphones.

Running with wireless headphones

When I am training on the treadmill, or doing a tough training session like an interval run or tempo run, listening to music through headphones make a big difference to my focus and motivation. But this is with one big caveat: They have to be WIRELESS headphones! I prefer not to have to deal with having a cable to my phone flapping around and having to hold my phone on my person.

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Jaybird Tarah Review: Key Features of these Wireless Sport Headphones

The key features of the Jaybird Tarah wireless headphones are as follows:

  • Small, minimalist design
  • Wireless headphones, attached to each other by a soft silicon cable
  • 6-hour battery and fast-charging
  • Weatherproof
  • Using the Jaybird App you can customize the sound levels
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Other notable features of the Jaybird Tarah wireless headphones:

  • You can take calls (ie they include a microphone)
  • Easy to pair with your phone via Bluetooth
  • Several different sized soft earbuds so you can fit them to your ear size
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Running With The Jaybird Tarah Wireless Headphones

Pairing the Jaybird Tarahs to your music device/phone

The headphones are super-easy to pair. I just turned them on, downloaded the Jaybird app, and connected them to my phone via bluetooth. Now when I want to use them, I turn them on and they connect automatically. You don’t need to use the app every time you use them, they just connect to my phone, I hit play and off we go.


Jaybird Tarah wireless headphones review Trail Kale wm 7

Fit the earbuds to your ear shape and size

The first set of earbud sizes I thought would fit me were actually too small, and a larger earbud size fitted better in my ear-holes. The first time I took them for a run, I brought the spare buds with me so I could try out different sizes while moving, to work out the right size.

Jaybird Tarah wireless headphones review Trail Kale wm 2

Adjust the cable length

Fit this around the back of your head. The Jaybird Tarahs come with an adjuster and a clip so you have the option of clipping the cable to the back of your shirt or headgear. I prefer to have the cable long and not too tight around the back of my head.

Once they’re in, they’re in

I found that once I had the fit right, the earbuds are not going anywhere! Because the Jaybird Tarah are much lighter-weight than other wireless earbud headphones, there is less weight to pull them out. It also helps to get the cable length just right so that you don’t inadvertently pull the headphones out of your ears by getting the cable too tight or caught on something, like your hydration vest.

Jaybird Tarah wireless headphones review Trail Kale wm 4

Interestingly I find that because the fit is so good it creates a vacuum in my ear, and I sometimes need to move them around so that it isn’t too distracting, but once I get used to it it’s all good, and it’s nice not worrying about them coming out.

Wireless sport headphones… with a cable

While the Jaybird Tarah headphones do have a cable (so perhaps aren’t entirely wireless), the main ‘wireless’ benefit is that they’re not connected to a phone/music device. I actually LOVE that they are connected to one another via a lightweight cable. This means that if I do take one out of my ear, or pull it out as mentioned above, then it’s not going to fall on the floor and break or get lost.

Excellent battery life

The Jaybird Tarah provide 6 hours of play time. That’s a lot of running. If you’re planning on running for longer than 6 hours and intend to listen to music for the entirety of the run, then check out the Jaybird Tarah Pro, which offers 14 hours of playback and faster charging.

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Jaybird Run or Jaybird Tarah wireless headphones?

The Jaybird Run wireless headphones are pretty neat (and if you haven’t read Alastair’s review of the Jaybird Run, make sure you do so!). However, I am inclined to choose the Tarahs as my favorite current pair of Jaybirds, because of their small size and that they are so lightweight. My favorite feature is, ironically, the cable that connects the two. I find it really useful when I pop a bud out of my ear not to have to worry about dropping it.

Jaybird Tarah Review Summary


amazon.com Amazon.com $13.08
4 used from $13.08
See Deal
Last Amazon price update was: May 24, 2024 10:01 am

The Jaybird Tarahs are great wireless running headphones to keep in your gym bag. The sound is excellent, as one would expect from a pair of Jaybird running headphones, and the fact they fit well and are so lightweight makes them pretty perfect. They go everywhere with me, to work (for those cheeky lunch runs) and all over the country so they can accompany me on those somewhat tedious hotel treadmill sessions. Because they are so small, they pack up into a tiny pouch (jewelry pouches are ideal) and I keep them in my running shoes so I don’t forget them!

Value for money

At $99 the Jaybird Tarah are, in my opinion, good value for running headphones I use several times a week, and provide excellent sound quality.

amazon.com Amazon.com $13.08
4 used from $13.08
See Deal
Last Amazon price update was: May 24, 2024 10:01 am

See Deal at jaybirdsport.com

They’re also available at Amazon.com:

Jaybird Tarah at Amazon.com

$13.08  in stock
4 used from $13.08
as of May 24, 2024 10:01 am
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