FitTrack Scale Review: The Best Home Smart Scale Available?


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A smart scale measures your body weight, body fat, BMI and more, and then syncs this data with your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can track your body weight, fat and other composition metrics on a daily basis via an app.

The FitTrack Scale has been proven by independent research to track these metrics within 3% of the accuracy of a DEXA scanner, making it quite possibly the best smart scale available today for in-home use.

NOTE: Since we initially wrote this review, we’ve been made aware that the company has let many customers down from a customer service perspective – so, unfortunately, although we like the product, we can’t stand behind it. For an alternative smart scale, we recommend you check out the Garmin Index S2, which is a similar price and from a great brand – it’s the smart scale we choose to use at home.

This FitTrack Scale review (aka ‘FitTrack Dara Scale’) details what the fit track smart scale can do including the metrics it can track, how to use it and also its benefits.

FitTrack Scale Review: Table of Contents

What is a smart scale and how does the FitTrack Dara scale work?

A smart body scale is a bathroom scale that measures not just your weight, but other body composition metrics, and has the capability to sync them to a smartphone app or site that records the data and allows you to track it over time.

The FitTrack smart scale works by sending small electrical signals through your body when you stand on it. These pass quickly through water and meet resistance when going through body fat tissue. The resistance is measured and used to calculate your body composition measurements.

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Benefits of the Fit Track smart scale

The key benefit of the Fit Track smart scales is that the FitTrack Dara offers reliable tracking of weight, BMI and other body metrics, and so it helps keep you accountable and measuring progress against personal goals.

It’s great being able to easily see your body composition metrics on your smartphone app, which syncs automatically with the scale each time you step on it to weigh yourself (assuming your phone is within Bluetooth range).

It’s really the seamless connection to your phone, and instant ability to analyze your fitness data over time that really makes the FitTrack ecosystem a winner for us.

What body metrics does the FitTrack scale measure?

FitTrack Scale Review trail and kale web wm 1
It’s important to make sure you have the Fit Track scale app open and see the app say connected at the top before standing on the scales. This is all a very fast process.

I’ve listed below all the body metrics the Fit Track smart scale tracks and records in the FitTrack smartphone app:

  1. Weight – Accurate to +/- 300grams
  2. BMI (body mass index)
  3. BFP (body fat percentage)
  4. Muscle rate (percentage)
  5. Body water (percentage) – Maintain optimal levels of hydration every day
  6. Bone mass – Discover your body’s foundational composition
  7. BMR (basal metabolic rate)
  8. Protein rate
  9. Metabolic age
  10. Visceral fat index
  11. Subcutaneous fat
  12. Standard weight – Ideal weight
  13. Weight control – The difference between your actual and standard weight)
  14. Fat mass – Get a clearer picture of your overall health
  15. Weight without fat
  16. Muscle mass – Understand if you’re losing fat, gaining strength, or both
  17. Protein mass

The Fit Track scale app explains how each of these rates is calculated and where applicable tracks them against the preset low, standard and high levels for someone of your profile (taking into account factors such as your age, gender and height).

FitTrackScience TrackProgress 1728x
Customized with your goals in mind, The FitTrack Dara scale can keep you on track and fast-track your fitness journey.

How do you use the FitTrack scale with the app?

Once set up, have your phone with the FitTrack app open within Bluetooth range of the Fit Track scale (within a few feet is ideal). Then stand on the Fit Track scale to measure your weight and other metrics.

The smart scale and app will automatically sync your body composition measurements within a few seconds – the app will tell you when it’s done and you can then step off the scale. The whole process only takes a few seconds to complete which is impressive.

Using the FitTrack smart scale – other FAQs

  • How much weight can the FitTrack scale support? According to the Fit Track website, up to 400lb / 181kg
  • Does the FitTrack sync with other health apps? Yes! FitTrack data can be synced directly with Apple Health, Google Health and other health tracking apps.
  • How many people can use the FitTrack scale? The Fit Track scale can have up to eight registered users at any one time, including children.

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Is the FitTrack Dara scale the best smart scale available?

To truly answer whether this is the best smart scale, in this Fit Track scale review we would have had to have tested FitTrack scale’s competitors – our past experience of smart scales is using our older Fitbit Aria Scale, and I can tell you that the FitTrack smart scale is much smaller and easier to set up and use than the Aria.

I can, however, say that if you are searching smart scale reviews looking for a compact smart scale that is easy to use and reliably tracks your weight, BMI and a range of other interesting body metrics via an app, the FitTrack Dara scale is most likely what you’re looking for.

Where to buy the FitTrack smart scale

I have heard of reports of Fittrack struggling to meet demand appropriately on their own online store so if you choose to buy one, it may be better to consider buying these scales from if they show as in-stock on Amazon’s website.

Also available here:

FitTrack Scale Review Summary


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  1. Do not buy direct from FitTrack! I ordered one 30 days ago and it still hasn’t arrived. Many similar experiences on the Better Business Bureau site.

  2. We ordered directly from them. Buyer beware, you cannot return a scale. The scale is neat, and works well. The watches, not so much. I’d order from Amazon, not the FT website.

  3. ordered my scales over 6 weeks ago and still not here and heard nothing from them in ages… think they are literally not even in business anymore

  4. Same than other experiences, ordered the scale 6 weeks ago, emailed the company but they are keeping silent. Plus informing to check on Amazon is not good enough.

    • Hi Laure,

      Thanks for sharing that you too have had the same issues with the FitTrack Store. We aren’t a supply chain for FitTrack, we are independent bloggers offering our readers valuable information for free. I’m not sure what else you’re expecting other than an alternative to where you can buy it. If you’ve got a problem with FitTrack’s customer service, take it up with them.


  5. Ordered mine 3 weeks ago and they said it would be delayed due to COVID….and it arrived early! So far it’s been a breeze to set up. I’m loving the watch. So excited to see what this new self-honor toy brings to my goals.

  6. Mine arrived last weekend, 7 weeks after ordering it directly from them. During that time I emailed them 4 times asking for an update and got no replies!
    I’m not sure I understand all the readings and the online material doesn’t explain them. The scales may be good but the support is shocking!

  7. I lost 8.6 lbs since last week and my Fit Track app won’t show my new weight and my new statistics. It kept asking me to verify that I am the correct user. How I do fix this? There is no option on the app to correct my current weight.

  8. I ordered fro fit track direct. It said will be delivered between 12 and 14th, it arrived on 15th. So took 5 days in all. Very happy with the process. There is also promotions for 15 to 20% off. Well worth a look

  9. Love the idea of this scale…however–in practice–not so great. Every single day for the past 5 days it has shown my weight at the same amount–to the ounce!!! and body composition info doesnt change either! yes–it is connected via bluetooth and phone is a foot away. When i get on the scale it “thinks” and then gets to the recorded weight etc. EXACTLY the same daily? I don’t think so!

    • The same thing is happening to me. First day I weighed myself on the scale was a different number but for the past 7 days, the weight has been the same. I weighed myself on my other scale and the weight has fluctuated on that scale.

    • Same exact thing is happening to me! I told my husband there is no way it hasn’t changed at all!! Did you get any resolution from FitTrack?

  10. Please help me understand how I can get a starting date and ending date it doesn’t seem to work. Do you have a manual that would explain this to me I do love the scale but I am having trouble just dealing with a few of the minor things

  11. We bought the FitTrack Dara scale and I have the Atria watch. We like both.

    The scale read accurate at first and then started reading about 10 lbs too high. My wife notice one of the feet on the bottom of the scale were some how not level and said she pushed on it and all of a sudden it now reads accurately again.

    On the FitTrack Pro app (scale only) I found a way to delete individual weight measurements. However, on the FitTrack Health app (Scale and watch) I can not figure out how to delete and individual weight measurements. Do you know if that can be done?

    Also, I could not even figure out how to delete or clear all data from my account in the FitTrack Health app.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    • To clear all data, try completely removing the app from you phone, and reinstalling it. Regarding deleting 1 individual weight, I’m not sure how that’s possible – have you tried contacting the FitTrack support?

  12. I’ve also had the same issue, support told me to reinstall app…i did & now for 2nd day in a row its showing same reading as prior to reinstaling app, my next thought is to take out batteries? Very Frustrating!

  13. I just received this today and download the app however when I go to register and put in my email and password I get a error message that says “Wrong server information please re-try later”
    I’ve tried from noon till 1130 at night several times and nothing changes I uninstalled and install the app I took the batteries out I don’t know what else to do I cannot register?

    • Hi Tracy, did you get things to work in the end? It could have been that FitTrack was updating their software platform – or their servers were having temporary issues. I’d advise contacting them via their customer service contact if you’re still having the issue.

  14. I thought that the Fit Track Health app would track my progress in all 17 areas but it only displays the progress in the weight category. How does one correct this?


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