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5 Best Wireless Headphones for Running

Welcome to our Best Wireless Headphones for Running guide which features 5 of the top running headphones for trail running, ultrarunning and hiking. Wireless headphones are much more affordable than they used to be and the Bluetooth connection is so much more stable, so all headphones in this list are wireless.

The most important features to be aware of when choosing which are the best wireless headphones for running are (these are also the criteria for them making it onto this list):

  1. Fit – They must feel comfortable, and fit securely so they don’t fall out while running fast.
  2. Weight – If they are lightweight then they won’t become a burden when running for long periods of time. Marathon runners and Ultrarunners, you know what I’m talking about.
  3. Sound Quality – The better the sound quality, the more you’ll enjoy the overall experience.
  4. Battery Life – Ultrarunners, hikers, and fastpackers need a long battery life. Don’t get left without music when it’s needed the most, in the pain cave.
  5. Durability – Trail runners and hikers need headphones to be as weatherproof as possible, to protect them from sweat, dust and preferably rain too!

Why do so many people enjoy running with headphones?

  • You can listen to your favorite music to help you through challenging moments in your workout.
  • If you use a Virtual Trainer app then you need headphones to get your real-time coaching as you run.
  • You can listen to your favorite Podcasts or Audio Books that you may not be able to find time for in the rest of your day.
  • If absolutely necessary, you can answer phone calls without requiring access to your phone. I don’t recommend talking on the phone during a run though, that time should be yours and only yours, so don’t let yourself get distracted.
  • Inadvertently let people know that you don’t want to be disturbed/asked for directions to the local tourist attraction.

Now you know what constitutes great running headphones and why people enjoy running with music, read our list below to see what headphones are best for running, and which ones you should buy. This guide is regularly updated so remember to check back before buying your next pair of running headphones.

Key of water protection ratings:

IPX4: Is resistant to water splashes from any direction.
IPX5: Can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray.
IPX6: Can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water.
IPX7: Can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes.

1. KLH Fusion True Wireless Earbuds [with Noise-Canceling]

This was such a close call for us to make but the KLH Fusion True Wireless Earbuds are now the best wireless headphones for running, just narrowly beating the Jaybird VISTA to the top spot. They have also been awarded the coveted Trail & Kale Editor’s Choice Award!

Why do I enjoy running with them so much? Here are a few great reasons:

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  • Firstly, they have noise-canceling which reduces environmental noise incredibly well for in-ear earbuds, it does this using its 4 always-listening microphones that run at a very low power to ensure battery life isn’t effected.
  • Due to the use of Qualcomm’s aptX High-Definition wireless sound codec the KLH Fusion can support 48kHz/24-bit music quality over Bluetooth, and therefore it’s possible to hear even the smallest details in your music.
  • 28 hours of playtime with the included portable charging case makes them a great companion for even the longest of travel journeys, ultra marathons, or other endurance sport.
  • Very comfortable to wear for long periods as they are so lightweight and fit securely fit with no worry of them falling out.
  • IPX5 waterproof so you can wear them in the rain, and they’re also sweat proof. Although Jaybird VISTA has an IPX7 rating which gives them the win for durability.
  • They use Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity which is very stable and responsive and means there’s no audio lag while watching YouTube or Netflix videos on my laptop or smartphone.
  • 4 mics on the earbuds are always listening for 9 native commands from you unique voice. This is super responsive and works so much better than first having to initiate Siri or Google Assistant, both of which can be slow to respond sometimes.

FULL REVIEW: KLH Fusion True Wireless Earbuds Review [Editor’s Choice Award Winner]

2. Jaybird VISTA

jaybird vista product image best true wireless headphones trail and kale

The Jaybird VISTA true wireless headphones, which I have had the pleasure of running many trail miles with are truly awesome sounding earbuds, with extreme surability for those who love to play in the mountains. Jaybird VISTA wireless headphones have an extended battery life of 32 hours, are IPX7 waterproof, sweatproof, crushproof, and are some of the lightest, most comfortable true wireless headphones we have ever tested.

Jaybird VISTA has plenty of unique design features that improve their usability beyond many other competitor earbuds, which I talk in detail about in my full Jaybird VISTA review.

COUPONGET 11% Off Jaybird VISTA (or any other single Jaybird product) using our links and exclusive coupon code: TrailandKale11 – That’s the BIGGEST Jaybird Sport discount currently on the Internet.

This was a close call but Jaybird VISTA now sits in the number 2 spot of this best wireless headphones for running, and ultrarunning buyer’s guide, narrowly beaten by the KLH Fusion Noise-canceling Earbuds. I have also given them an Editor’s Choice Award.

FULL REVIEW: Jaybird VISTA Review: Editor’s Choice Award Winner

3. Bose Soundsport Pulse Wireless Headphones

Bose Soundsport Pulse Wireless Headphones Best Wireless Headphones for running

Given the Soundsport Pulse Wireless Headphones are made by Bose, you can expect excellent sound quality, so they’re a great choice if you’re really into your music when working out.

In addition, a differentiator for the Bose Soundsport Pulse headphones is that they have a built-in heart rate sensor, which means that with the Bose Connect app you can monitor your heart rate readings in real-time.

These headphones also work with popular running apps such as MapMyRun, Endomondo and RunKeeper, as well as Apple Health.

Bose Soundsport Pulse Wireless Headphones are wired to each other (similar to the Jaybird Tarah Pro) and connect to your phone or music device (such as the Mighty Vibe) wirelessly via Bluetooth. They feature a hydrophobic material that repels sweat and moisture, making them water-resistant and rated IPX4.

Sound Quality: ExcellentBattery Life: 5hrsWeight: 23g/0.81oz $102.99
5 used from $102.99
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Last Amazon price update was: 24th February 2021 10:00 am

4. Aftershokz Trekz Air

Aftershokz Trekz Air best wireless headphones for running trail and kale 2

The Aftershokz Trekz Air wireless headphones use the clever bone conduction technology designed for open ear headphones.

Are over the ear headphones good for running?

One of the things in particular that we love about Aftershokz and bone conduction technology is that you can listen to music but still be aware of ambient sounds from the world around you. This includes sounds from people trying to get your attention, potential hazards, like cars or bikes, but also the wonderful sounds of nature while on the trails. Having the luxury of being able to listen to music and ambient surrounding sound, does however mean that the sound quality will never be quite as immersive as wireless headphones that use in-ear buds. “Horses for courses” as they say, and many people will love these for the safety benefits while running.

The Trekz Air is inspired by the demands of elite and aspiring athletes motivated by their music and their world. These headphones are rated at IP55 meaning they are sweatproof.

Sound Quality: GoodBattery Life: 6hrsWeight: 30g/1.06oz

5. Beats Powerbeats Pro

Beats Powerbeats Pro best running headphones trail and kale

The Powerbeats Pro has a pretty impressive battery life of 9 hours on a single charge, which is enough for many trail runners and even many mid-distance ultrarunners.

A 5-minute quick charge delivers 90 minutes of playback. They’re rated IPX4 which protects them from sweat and light rain but not submersion.

The over-the-ear design is slim enough for if you wear a cap/hat whilst running but if you wear sunglasses too then these may get in the way.

Are true wireless earbuds good for running?

With the introduction of faster, more secure wireless connection technologies like Bluetooth V5.0, true wireless earbuds are in my opinion are the way to go! Some, like the KLH Fusion even come with noise-canceling technology now and many are very comfortable to wear in your ear for extended periods of time.

Sound Quality: ExcellentBattery Life: 9hrsWeight: 22g/0.78oz $199.95
3 new from $199.95
22 used from $95.59
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Last Amazon price update was: 24th February 2021 10:00 am


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for good reviews and thorough testing!
    Personally I prefer to have an awareness of the surroundings, is this something Vista or Tarah Pro offers? Or are they more on the insulating side?
    Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Hi Edward,

    The VISTA and Tarah Pro are pretty well insulated so you won’t hear much of your surroundings unless you opt to wear just one of the buds, which is very feasible with the VISTA as they are true wireless.


  3. I would steer clear of Jaybird products , they sound good and work well for a time, but…. seem to die after about 1 year and the company has a very limited warranty .

    Take a look at the Jaybird customer forums , there are many, many posts from customers complaining about earbuds not turning on

  4. It’s great this article! I always read your blog. | share this on Twitter and a lot of people love it.

    Keep this line. And I will always read your materials.

  5. Just to say that I have the tarah pro… and I do not recommend… they didn’t last 2 months… the right speaker died… and the costumer support… well… sucks….


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