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Orgain Organic Meal Powder Review 2019: A Meal Replacement Shake

Meal replacement powders are the ideal solution for people who want to eat a healthy meal without sacrificing on the time it takes to actually make and eat it. Having a replacement shake, like Orgain Organic Meal Powder to hand, means you don’t have to skip a meal, or even eat bad food, just because you don’t have the time to find something better.

There are so many situations where a meal replacement shake would be essential, or could just come in handy.

For example, what if you’re travelling all day and you don’t want to get caught out by the expensive, and unhealthy food choices that you may find at airports or roadside diners. Or maybe you’re in the midst of hitting a deadline at work and time is limited, even for a lunch break.

This review will tell you everything you need to know about the Orgain Meal replacement powder, including pros and cons, and the reasons why you should consider adding it to your diet.

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Why use a Meal replacement Powder?

Meal Replacement Powders can reduce Food Packaging Waste

If you think about it, meal replacement powders are also a great way to reduce the impact of food packaging waste on our environment. One 2.01 LBS canister of Orgain Organic Meal Powder can replace 16 meals, just think about how much packaging would come with 16 meals. It’s actually quite shocking when you think about it, so if one of your goals is to live more sustainably, then mixing meal powders into your diet is a good place to start.

Meal Replacement shakes are less expensive than the average meal.

Then there’s the cost per meal. If you do the really simple equation of the total cost of a meal powder canister divided by the number of meals provided, you get $2.80 per meal. $44.99 / 16 = $2.80/meal. That’s very good, especially when you know all the ingredients are organic and nutritious.

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Meal Replacement Powders save you time

It’s really amazing the impact that a fast lunch can have on your day. Whenever I have an Orgain Organic Meal, I find my extra productive during the day because I literally save myself at least 30mins, which is what it would take to go and buy lunch (or make it myself), and then eat it. With a shake, I don’t have to make decisions like “where shall I eat?”, “what shall I eat?”, “how am I going to get there?”. I add water, shake and I’m done in under 5 minutes.

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What’s in an Orgain Meal Replacement Shake?

Is Orgain Organic Meal Replacement Powder Vegan?

Yes, it is! It’s also Soy Free, Gluten Free, and Non-GMO.

Does the Orgain Meal Replacement taste nice?

Orgain Organic Meal Powder tastes really nice, and it’s by far the best out of any other brands that I have tried for the same type of product. I think it goes without saying that if you were to have the same thing every day though, you may get bored. This is why I tend to have a meal replacement shake every other day, or when I’m pressed for time. Variety is the spice of life, and “normal” foods offer so many different flavors and textures, that it would be impossible for me to ever give up completely.

Orgain Organic Meal Powder Review Trail Kale wm 4What’s the texture like?

The texture is really smooth and not at all thick like some alternative products. The powder dissolves in water very quickly and doesn’t get thicker during the time It takes me to drink it. It’s a very enjoyable meal.

Do meal replacement shakes fill you up?

It would be hard for any organic meal powder to be as filling as a solid foods meal, but this Organic Meal powder does very well and I feel it fills me up to about 75% of the level of an equivalent “standard meal”. I just give myself a slightly bigger portion to keep hunger away for longer.

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Does the Orgain Meal Replacement work for weight loss?

I think it would also be a great way to help with weight loss too. It’s easy to regulate your calorie intake when all you need to measure for each meal is 12 Oz of water and two scoops of powder, which equals 220 calories per serving. This totals around 60g, 20g of which is protein!


Orgain Organic Meal Powder review product web
Orgain Organic Meal Powder
Nutritional Value
Environmental Value
Value for Money
So quick to make and eat(drink)
Great value for money ($2.80 a meal)
It's Vegan
Very nutritious
Tastes great
Fills you up to about 75% of a standard meal so you may feel hungry unless you up the portion a little.
Overall Score

I can be finished with an Orgain Organic Meal in less than 5 minutes, which gives me more time to do other important things. I know I’m doing the planet a favor by reducing my food packaging waste, and the powder is also Vegan, which means I’ll be helping to protect animal welfare. It’s also a completely organic meal packed with nutritious ingredients, so my body can get the clean fuel it deserves.

We are always open to trying new approaches that allow us to help protect the environment, live clean, run free and ultimately be happier as a result of all these things. We love the concept of complimenting our diets with this kind of healthy powdered food and will continue to do so with Orgain’s Organic Meal replacement powder.

Why don’t you order your canister (currently 10% off), and see if it can help you streamline your lifestyle while making you healthier too?

See Deal at Orgain.com

Also available at the stores below:


What is Orgain?
Orgain® is a line of nutritional products including nutrition shakes, protein shakes, protein powders, and protein bars that are delicious and packed with the most nutritious and highest quality ingredients in the world. Just as important as what’s in Orgain® products is what’s not in them: all of our products are non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, and do not contain artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives; and nearly all Orgain products are Certified Organic.

What is the story behind Orgain?
Orgain® was founded in 2008 by Andrew Abraham, M.D., a physician and cancer survivor. After being diagnosed with cancer, Dr. Abraham underwent extensive treatment, forcing him to rely on liquid nutrition. However, he found that most “nutritional” drinks were anything but. Mainstream brands were loaded with high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified soy, artificial flavors, and preservatives, and they tasted horrible.

He created Orgain® out of necessity and made it his mission to marry the highest quality ingredients with great taste. The smoothies Andrew made in his own kitchen during this time became the inspiration for Orgain Nutrition Shakes — the first Orgain product — many years later. Now Orgain has expanded to include a variety of other clean, organic nutrition products.

Is Orgain a vegan company?
Orgain is not a vegan company, but they do offer certified vegan products and advocate for the inclusion of plant-based protein sources as part of a healthful lifestyle. Their vegan options include Vegan Organic Nutrition Shakes, 21g Organic Plant Based Protein Shakes, Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Organic Meal Powder, Organic Superfoods Powder, Organic Plant Protein Powder + Greens, Organic Protein + Superfoods, Organic Protein Almond Milk, and Organic Protein Bars.

Why is it called Orgain?
The name Orgain® was created by the founder of the company, Dr. Andrew Abraham, by combining the words “organic” and “gain.” Orgain has a deep commitment to using organic ingredients, and they believe that people can “gain health, gain energy, and gain life” through clean, wholesome nutrition. Dr. Abraham has personally experienced dramatically improved health and energy by making changes to his diet.

Why does Orgain taste better than other nutritional products?
The inspiration for the Orgain® formulations comes from Dr. Abraham’s kitchen, so the focus is always on real, food-based ingredients. Using premium ingredients like organic cocoa, organic vanilla beans and real organic fruits and veggies makes for delicious products that taste like they come from the kitchen instead of a lab.

Is Orgain Made in the USA?
Yes. Their Corporate Office and Innovation Center is located in Irvine, California and all of their manufacturing facilities are located in the USA.



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