Trail running is the answer. Who cares what the question is?!

Interview with Adell Bridges - Yoga Teacher

Interview: Adell BridgesTravelling Yoga Teacher

Interview with Adell Bridges – “I always like to remember that ‘nothing is permanent’. So, you can apply this when you’re in a pleasant situation, remembering to take it in and be grateful for it, because it won’t be around forever. Or when you’re in a challenging situation, to remember that this too shall pass!”

Shaylee Hurst Runner Interview - Trail & Kale

Runner Interview: Shaylee Hurst

Interview with Shaylee Hurst – I wanted to know how to react when I came across all types of animals and wildlife, as well as basic first aid. Also, make sure you’re diligent about protecting your skin with SPF while you’re exploring!

Runner Interview - Hailey Van Dyk - Trail & Kale

Runner Interview: Hailey Van Dyk

Interview with Hailey Van Dyk – There is something about the challenge of getting up each day and forcing yourself to run through the accumulated soreness. I also really love getting to go to sleep each night so that you don’t miss any of the sights by running through the night.

Dani Moreno Runner Interview Trail & Kale

Runner Interview: Dani MorenoTeam USA

Interview with Dani Moreno – To secure a place on Team USA, I basically just had to have a great racing resume, which meant I had to race well consistently! It took a lot of work over the last year and I felt honored to be selected to the team still being very new to the sport.

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