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Trail Running in Bend – This Is Why You Need to Visit Central Oregon

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Exploring new trails is always fun but this adventure trail running in Bend, Oregon, was something extra special. This is the trail run that led to a life-changing decision to move to Central Oregon. I hope this video gives you a taste for trail running, and also a reason to visit Central Oregon!

Trail Running in Bend, Oregon: Forests, Desert and Mountains


This part of Central Oregon hosts migration of Monarch Butterflies, and we were fortunate enough that our visit to Bend coincided with this year’s migration. Butterflies were everywhere – you can see them fluttering around in our video.

You’re spoilt for choice when deciding where to go running in the Bend area – from forests to mountains to deserts – or perhaps all three-in-one. This trail run took us up through the Ponderosa Pine forests towards the mountains in the Three Sisters Wilderness.

Along the trail as we ascended into the mountains, there were lava flows to the left and the volcanic peaks emerged from the trees to our right. Some snow patches remained on the ground in the shadiest patches, but most of the winter season’s snow had melted by the time we were there in mid-July.

Throughout the whole experience we could smell the pines, dried in the dry summer’s heat and the river was flowing alongside the trail, complete with tumbling rapids and waterfalls bringing glacial waters down from the mountains.

Aside from the river and birds, the only other sounds came from us: our breath and footsteps. The sound of our footsteps varied with the change of terrain, from forest pine needles to snow patches and dark volcanic sands.

Eventually the trail opened up and we found ourselves at the most beautiful green lake we had ever seen. This was the moment we knew that we had to move to Oregon. Six months later and we packed up all our belongings and relocated… That’s the power of trail running in Bend!

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Any Questions About Trail Running in Bend, Oregon?

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