Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review

Finally! A good-looking, durable orthopedic foam dog bed that is built to last


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The Buddy Dog Bed from Toby and Ace seems to hit that sweet spot of being a thoughtfully-designed, quality orthopedic dog bed, without breaking the bank or looking ugly in the corner of your living room.

In this Toby and Ace review I share my thoughts on their original orthopedic dog bed, the Buddy Bed, as well as an overview of the key features, answers to some frequently-asked-questions about the bed, and my review summary – plus, where to buy it and get 20% off.

Note: Since we initially wrote this review, we were made aware that the company had experienced supply chain issues and significant delays in shipping, with requested refunds not being fulfilled during 2022. However, as of April 2023, we’re pleased to hear that the company is back on track! If you’re researching the best dog beds for your pet, you can also head over to our dog bed buyer’s guide for some other great dog bed options 🙂

Toby & Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review: Table of Contents

Key features of the Buddy Bed

Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review Trail and Kale web wm 16
I like to hang my paws over the cushioned edges of the Buddy Dog Bed – it makes me look very regal.

It can be overwhelming shopping for dog beds online because they all start to look the same from the pictures, and it’s hard to tell what is a great dog bed and what is going to be something that needs replacing after six months (or less).

Toby and Ace are a new dog products brand with a focus on quality, durable products, and their original product, the Buddy Dog Bed (or simply, the ‘Buddy Bed’), is designed with several key features which help differentiate it from other dog beds you may have seen online or in pet stores, and what made it attractive to me and my parents.


  1. Orthopedic foam – The bed features three layers of foam, including a top ‘egg-crate’ design, which is designed to help with joint pain, allow support for the spine and allow circulation with no pressure-points, which can happen especially if your dog is lying in the same place for longer periods of time
  2. Supportive bolsters – The high, firm bolsters are designed to recreate a dog’s natural denning instinct and give a feeling of shelter, so they can snuggle into the bed. This can help reduce anxiety they may be feeling and help them get better sleep (or at least, higher-quality naps). So many bolster-style dog beds seem to have insufficent or overly-soft filling, which quickly sags.
  3. Fabric, washable cover – The fabric used to make the bed’s cover is relatively tough and durable, compared to cheaper dog bed alternatives. It can be taken off and gently machine or hand-washed
  4. Design and style – This dog bed is good-looking and comes in a tasteful gray color that should fit with most homes’ decor.

FAQs about the Buddy Bed

Before I get into my Buddy Bed review, here are some answers to frequently asked questions about it, which you may find helpful.

What material is the Toby and Ace Buddy Bed made from?

Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review Trail and Kale web wm 14

The core of the bed is made from multi-layer orthopedic CertiPUR-US foam. This foam is designed to give even support, retain its shape, and allow improved circulation when your dog lies on it (rather than putting too much pressure and restricting blood flow in certain parts of their body).

The outer cover of the bed (including the bottom) and the piping around the top is made from a durable woven fabric. The inside material in the center of the bed is a faux-velvet. It’s not clear what materials these are, but both seem to be man-made.

Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review Trail and Kale web wm 7
The build quality is excellent, with high-quality, strong stitching

This material is described as being both water and odor resistant, rather than waterproof (this is why it’s washable). So if you get it dirty or wet, it’s best to have your parents take it off and wash it as soon as possible so it cleans off more easily and doesn’t soak through onto the foam inside.

It’s also worth noting that this material is described as being ‘scratch proof’.

I have tested it with casual scratching and it still looks great, with no holes.

If you are a fierce digger then you could damage it, but for the typical scratching that many dogs do to get a bed ‘just so’ and ready for sleeping on, this bed stands up to it.

What size bed should I choose?

Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review Trail and Kale web wm 6
All 45lbs of me sitting square inside my medium Buddy Dog Bed – I’m at the top end of Medium and a Large would probably give me more space to stretch out on my back. I do like to sleep curled up and snuggled however, so this size works nicely for me.

For size reference, I weigh around 45lb and am a fully-grown Border Collie. Border Collies tend to have long-ish backs for our height, and I have long-ish legs, too.

For a dog of my size, Toby & Ace suggests a Medium bed would be about the right size but we’re at the top end of the size range.

I actually chose the Large dog bed so that there would be plenty of room for me to sleep stretched out on my side and sprawl out, but when the Medium arrived, I was happy with it and do like to sleep curled up when I’m really tired or need that extra feeling of security that comes with sleeping in that position, up against the bolsters.

I do still sometimes sleep stretched out on the bed, which means that I have half my body hanging off the bed. My parents say it looks uncomfortable but I’m quite happy in that position.

The interior dimensions of my Medium bed are 26 x 15 inches (exterior is 34 x 23). For other sizes, click here to visit their site, click Buddy Bed and then ‘size guide’ to see them.

Is the Toby and Ace Dog Bed washable?

The fabric parts of the dog bed are machine washable.

You just unzip the cover and put it in the washing machine when needed. My parents wash it on a cool wash in their machine and it turns out like new.

Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review Trail and Kale web wm 12

Even when the bed doesn’t actually need washing, my hair brushes or vacuums off easily.

Toby and Ace bed assembly

Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review Trail and Kale web wm 11
A zip on the bottom of the Buddy Bed allows my humans to take out the orthopedic mattress before washing it.

The bed comes without the cover on (like most dog beds bought online) and so your human parents will need to spend 5-10 minutes assembling it by putting the foam mattress and four bolsters inside the washable cover.

It’s helpful to wait patiently and try and contain your excitement while they are going through this process.

If you like to jump up and grab things then maybe wait in another room so when you’re presented with your bed it is already fully-assembled by them, and ready for you to hop into!

It’s pretty easy to insert the base, and then the bottom of the bed zips up in the center.

There is also a zip for each of the four bolsters, I’ve included example images in the photo gallery at the bottom of this review.

These zips are tucked away inside the bed so they don’t show and your dog doesn’t lie on them when the bed is assembled. This can make it a little fiddly to get them done up once you’ve inserted the bolster filler, but the result is a nice, moderately firm (and plump!) bolster bed.

Toby and Ace dog bed review

One of the main reasons my parents were looking for a new dog bed for me was to find one that provides me with not just comfort but also the security and ‘nesting’ vibe that you get from having a bed with high bolsters around the sides.

The idea was to help me relax and not get anxious or over-excited when there are things going on in and around the house, such as the UPS delivery truck, or loud fireworks outside.

What I like about this bed

Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review Trail and Kale web wm 10
The inside of the bed (the part I lie on) is so soft and smooth to the boop (touch).

I’m really happy with this bed. It is super comfortable and the material inside the bed is soo smooth, like suede (see image above)!

Even for a busy dog like me, I find myself hopping in there for a nap, so it’s helping to encourage me to relax when I’m in the home and my parents have work to do.

Other things I particularly like about it are that it:

  • Stands up to scratching (although maybe not intensive digging, if that’s your thing)
  • Looks good (too many dog beds are waaay to ugly, not to mention BROWN!)
  • Is easy to wash and vacuum/brush hair off
  • Has firm (but not-too-hard) bolsters that don’t sag under my weight

Why are bolsters important on a dog bed?

Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review Trail and Kale web wm 5

Bolsters are really important to me because if I use a bed without bolsters, I tend to roll or slither off! This is not only uncomfortable (not to mention embarrassing), but it also wakes me up from my nap and then I get grouchy.

The bolsters are much firmer than bolsters on other dog beds we have seen and used, which is great for resting your head, paws, or legs on without them collapsing or sagging under the weight.

They’re also 8 inches wide (on my Medium sized bed) so they’re really supportive for your whole head.

Downsides of the Buddy Bed

For me, this bed is great – super comfortable, easy for my humans to clean, looks good, and we’re really happy with it as it seems it will last me a very long time.

As with most dog beds, if you have a particularly need for features such as a fully waterproof cover, or for it to be extra-durable because you like to chew things you shouldn’t, then it would be worth thinking carefully about whether this is the best bed for you, because it is not designed to stand up to chewing and there may be better options out there if you have toilet accidents.

Another, minor downside, is that it’s only available (currently) in the gray color as shown in my photos in this review.

I (and my parents) really like this color as it fits in with our home decor and furniture, but if you’re after a specific color then unless it’s gray then it’s not currently an option!

It’s worth noting that if you like the brand, you can also consider their faux-fleece style bed, the Charlie Bed, which comes in ‘caramel’ (beige) and white (if you’re brave or super-clean and have white hair).

Is this Toby and Ace Bed worth the money?

Toby and Ace Buddy Dog Bed Review Trail and Kale web wm 17

With so many cheap dog beds available out there and foam beds available for around $50-70 at places such as Amazon, Walmart and Chewy, it may be tempting to go for a less expensive option.

However, in my experience, these cheaper beds have some significant downsides and can end up costing you longer in the long run, when they need replacing – either because they get damaged easily, start to smell, or have overly soft/insufficient filling with no support, or get saggy and uncomfortable quickly, for example.

It’s also likely that they don’t offer the same level of support and comfort as a more premium dog bed that is designed to offer those benefits and help with improved relaxation and easing anxiety.

At a cost of $80-250 (depending on size, and before our 20% off discount), the Buddy Bed offers a good balance between quality and comfort as well as affordability, compared to a more expensive (yet also excellent) dog bed such as the YETI dog bed that I have reviewed previously here, which costs around $300 (especially if you order the bed from Toby & Ace using our discount code, below 🙂 ).

A good benchmark my parents use to assess how much I like a dog bed is whether I will take my treats and toys back to it and sit in the bed with them. This is a bit like a wild dog taking their catch back to their den to enjoy, and so they reckon if I do that with a dog bed I must consider it to be worthy of being my ‘den’.

This bed has definitely become my office-den, as in the one that I snooze and eat chews on while my parents work, so it gets a big paws-up from me!

Where to buy the Buddy Bed

The Buddy Bed and Toby & Ace’s other dog bed styles are sold exclusively on their website.

If you’re looking at checking them out further and buying one for yourself, head to their site using the button below and use our exclusive code TRAILANDKALE to get 20% off your order:

Toby & Ace Buddy Bed Review Summary


I hope you enjoyed my Toby and Ace Dog Bed review.

If you’re interested in checking out other highly-rated orthopedic and supportive dog beds, you may also like to read our buyer’s guide to the best dog beds.

Hi, I'm Kepler, the official adventure dog of Trail & Kale! I'm a frisky pup with a love of life, frisbees, and dirt. I write about dog gear and the essence of being an adventure dog :) Learn more about me and my hoomans, and all the things that Trail & Kale stands for.


  1. I ordered this bed in October 23. I was informed of a slight delay in shipping. The delay kept extending until March! And now the website doesn’t work, and they aren’t responding to emails. Took my $250 and never delivered a bed!

    • Oh no! Thanks for letting us know – this is such a shame as the buddy bed is such a huge hit with Kepler! I’ll get in contact with the company to see if I can find out what is going on here!

    • Hi Luna,

      A quick update on the situation:

      I reached out to Toby & Ace to voice all our concerns, and they told me that they have been having supply chain issues, and that they have now secured funding to help their business out.

      They told me that they will reach out to their customers soon, and that shipments should resume towards the end of this month (Feb 22′).

      It’s such a shame they didn’t voice this to their customers properly and that they just shut their website off without a holding message to let people know the situation. You’ll love the buddy bed, when it finally arrives!


    • Hi Beth,

      We heard from another Toby & Ace customer with a similar story to yours!

      I reached out to Toby & Ace to voice all our concerns, and they told me that they did have some supply chain issues, and that they have now secured funding to help their business pull out of this low point.

      They have told me that they will reach out to their customers and that shipments should resume towards the end of this month (Feb 22′).

      It’s such a shame they didn’t voice this to their customers as their buddy bed is an excellent product. You’re going to love it when it finally arrives!


  2. Hi Alastair! I’m so sorry to bother you but I’m in a bit of a panic. I ordered my Toby & Ace beds (almost $400 worth) in September 2021. I’ve had several emails since then back and forth reflecting the supply chain issue with assurances that they would be shipping in November, then December, then January. Now that I am checking status again I found that their website is down and they aren’t responding to my emails. I know you aren’t a representative of their company but having spent that much money to support a small business and have them disappear is quite concerning. Knowing you have a contact is my reason for connecting with you. I know you were told that they would be shipping towards the end of this month but my concern is that I’ve been told that for the last 4 months so I dont feel secure in that assurance at this point. If there’s a way for you to connect me with your contact I would really appreciate it. I whole heartedly apologize for asking for your help. It’s just been really tough. I have a senior dog who is worth the money spent but now I’m out the money and out the bed and she’s living with a substandard bed because I’ve been waiting for them to come through. Again, I’m so sorry, this has been a frustrating experience and I know it’s not your problem. Thank you for tolerating the ramblings of a concerned dog mom. Best wishes for a lovely day.

    • Hi Megan,

      Thanks for your message, and I feel your pain! I kicked up a bit of a fuss with them because of how badly they handled everything on their end – and as a result have a lot of concerned customers (rightly so!). So, I don’t think they would have given me a false goal post on when they plan to be shipping out the beds that have been ordered. Fingers crossed anyway – if there’s another delay I’ll be on it, don’t worry!

      I don’t feel confident giving out my contact as they’re not in customer service but rest assured – I’m on this! It looks bad on us too, recommending a product to our readers and them not getting the beds they have ordered. They are great beds however, and you and you pup will love it when it arrives. Any updates I get will be added to the comments here.


      A quick update on the situation:

      I reached out to Toby & Ace to voice all our concerns, and they told me that they have been having supply chain issues, and that they have now secured funding to help their business out.

      They told me that they will reach out to their customers soon, and that shipments should resume towards the end of this month (Feb 22′).

      It’s such a shame they didn’t voice this to their customers properly and that they just shut their website off without a holding message to let people know the situation. You’ll love the buddy bed, when it finally arrives!


  3. Alastair- there are people who haven’t received their beds that ordered this in September 2021. A 5 month delay really isn’t acceptable for a DOG BED. Maybe a couch yes but definitely not this. That amongst their shady business practices (lack of transparency on shipping times, inability to reach customer service) does not make it a good recommendation. I mean people are desperately trying to reach the company and even leaving comments on here (like myself!)
    Your words of encouragement aren’t very reassuring as I am still unable to reach the company myself.
    I really feel like you should take this article down as it is falsely misleading others to make this purchase.

    • Jasmine,

      I am in no way affiliated with the company, and this review is in no way misleading. The Buddy Bed is an excellent product but sadly unavailable to purchase right now.

      It’s unfortunate how Toby & Ace has handled the situation they have found their business in – and the effect it’s having on their customers. The Toby & Ace website is down whilst they restructure their business, and as such it is not possible for anyone to buy the product – so don’t worry about that happening.

      Please direct any questions regarding customer service or orders to Toby & Ace, as they will be able to help you more than I can. If you’re having trouble contacting them via email, try their social channels – here’s a recent post they put out regarding the troubles they have been having:

  4. For anyone reading these comments, as of March 2022 their website is back and it appears the beds are back in stock, so fingers crossed people waiting for the dog beds will receive them from the company soon!

  5. Has anyone been able to get their orders or a refund? It’s been 4 months since the most recent assurances were made and so far I have not gotten my money back. Just a steady stream of BS emails. Any feedback or guidance would be great.

  6. Hello. This is October 23 2023. I ordered a buddy bed on Oct 13 2023 and never received an email or any confirmation of the order. My credit card has been charged however. I’ve sent 4 emails to them in addition to 3 messages from their website. I haven’t heard a thing from anybody. I can’t find a working phone number for them anywhere and the one I tried disconnects as soon as it connects. I’m frustrated and VERY unhappy. Can you help? At least get me to customer service?

    • Hi Elisabeth, I reached out to my contact for you regarding this. Here’s what he had to say:

      “As of now customer service is not struggling and we do have a facebook page where the response rate is less than 48 hours. You can also share my email to any of your readers who experienced an issue.

      So far, the back orders are on Large and XL beds. Large beds are being shipped this week and XL in the first week of November 2023, they should have received an email with their ETA, if it is not the case, please have them reach out to me.”

      Please send me an email to and I’ll give you my contact’s email address for you to follow up on.



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