5 Best Dog Frisbees: For Flying Disc Loving Dogs [Border Collie Approved]

If your dog likes to chase, catch and fetch flying discs then you're in the right place!

If you are a regular visit to our website or Instagram then you’ll know that I am a frisbee-loving dog. As a Border Collie that probably isn’t a big surprise – we’re known for being frisbee dogs – but this post is for any dog who loves to experience the joy of the chase, catch and fetch with one of these flying discs. If there is a frisbee present then you have my attention – ALL of my attention. I’ve been through a lot of dog frisbees in my time and have become somewhat of a dog frisbee expert, so in this post I’m sharing the best dog frisbees I know of.

I’ve personally chased, fetched and fixated on all of these frisbees for dogs and I know that if you’re anything like me then you’ll love one of these next time your parents or human friends decide to buy you a new toy. All opinions in this post are from my perspective – that is, an energetic young Border Collie who plays frisbee for fun (rather than competition). If you’re a very different age or statue to me then you may have other preferences when it comes to dog frisbees, but I reckon most playful dogs are going to love any frisbee on my list of favorites here.

What makes a good frisbee for dogs?

A good frisbee flight style for chasing, fetching and playing tug

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First and foremost the frisbee needs to fly well. It ideally glides through the air with a fairly low curve, allowing me plenty of time to chase it and position myself to catch it out of the air. Some frisbees fly long and low, others fly up and down and don’t go as far, so if your heart’s desire is to chase a disc and run long, you will need to get a frisbee designed to go the distance, whereas if you like to catch a short throw and return it for a game of tug then there are frisbees designed for that, too.

Should you buy a soft or hard dog frisbee?

If you’re new to frisbee and you aren’t a big toy chewer then I suggest getting a soft dog frisbee rather than starting with a hard frisbee, which can be hard on your mouth. If you’re young then it’s best to start out with a soft frisbee, like I did when I was a young pup and a little clumsy.

Some of my favorite flying discs are the soft ones. The only drawback to these is that I love the mouth-feel so much that I’m less quick to drop them, compared to harder frisbees.

Frisbee durability and life

Pretty much all dog toys have a limited life, but if it’s going to fall apart prematurely through normal use then I don’t want to know (it’s just too hard to say goodbye too frequently to your favorite toys).

That said, the soft frisbees in this list will generally not last as long as harder frisbees, but while they last they’re so enjoyable that it’s worth it anyway.

It’s worth noting that I don’t have unlimited access to my frisbees. They only come out when it’s time to play with my parents. This enhances their value to me, as well as the value and focus I place on our frisbee games together. It also means that I can’t go away and chew up my favorite toys without supervision, so my frisbees generally last a lot of throws.

What is the best frisbee color for dogs?

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The color of your toys makes a difference! We dogs see some colors better than other, with blue and mustard-yellow apparently being two of the most striking colors that are easiest for us to see.

Apparently red and green look like shades of gray to us, so they’re not as good. Plus, if you play frisbee with your dog on grass, then having a green frisbee probably makes the game more difficult for both of us when it’s harder to see it on the ground!

The 5 Best Dog Frisbees – According to Border Collie Kepler

1. Best Soft Dog Frisbee for New Frisbee Lovers

Chuckit Zipflight Frisbee The Best Dog Frisbees Border Collie Trail and Kale

The Chuckit! Zipflight soft dog frisbee is a particularly good frisbee for puppies and smaller dogs! I have owned many of these beautiful flying discs and they’ve brought me much joy.

Best Dog Frisbees Border Collie Flying Disc trail and kale web wm 3
I worship Zipflight frisbees – even the green ones

While soft fabric frisbees don’t last as long as other frisbees (as the fabric naturally starts to shred with too many catches (especially if you have sharp little puppy teeth) and they get dirty in muddy conditions) that doesn’t stop me enjoying them and as they’re such good value from a cost and – most importantly – fun perspective!

In fact, I like them more when they’re stinky, because then my parents can also play a game of ‘hide-the-frisbee’ and I get to sniff it out from all the hiding places they put it in.

I’ve had the Small size and Medium sizes – both are great, and the small is a great choice for smaller dogs and puppies. When I was young and growing my parents would roll it along the ground for me to chase and fetch, which helped build up my intense love of frisbee that you see in me today. Even today, when it comes to chasing and fetching, I still play with the Small version of these soft frisbees when I want the challenge of a faster-flying, yet soft, disc.

2. Best Dog Frisbee for Tug and Fetch

Ruffwear Pacific Ring Dog Frisbee The Best Dog Frisbees Border Collie Trail and Kale

If you like rope toys and enjoy a game of tug before dropping your frisbee, then this Ruffwear Pacific Ring dog disc is for you – because it’s a hybrid of a tug toy and flying disc!

Best Dog Frisbees Border Collie Flying Disc trail and kale web wm 1

I love to catch this bad boy and bring it back to my parents for some tug (grrr!) before being told to drop it…. and then I get to chase and fetch it all over again when they throw it for me.

While it doesn’t fly as well as a disc designed purely for flying, it’s great for catching out of the air at shorter distances and can be through directly towards me for me to catch without worrying about being hit in the face by a hard plastic disc.

It’s made from durable rope and tough webbing fabric so it withstands my teeth and a good game of tug, and it folds down pretty small so it’s easy to stuff in a bag and take to new places.

3. Best Hard Dog Frisbee for Distance Chasing

HeroDiscUSA XTRA 235 Dog Frisbee The Best Dog Frisbees Border Collie Trail and Kale

A more recent addition to my frisbee portfolio is one of these HeroDiscUSA XTRA 235 frisbees that are designed for a longer distance flight that hangs in the air, making it easy to catch once you catch up to it!

Best Dog Frisbees Border Collie Flying Disc trail and kale web wm 3 1

The XTRA 235 is a delightful frisbee and my favorite when I want to go long and really stretch my legs.

It’s a more traditional frisbee in that it is made from plastic, but is designed specifically for playing frisbee with your dog, i.e. it should stand up to our teeth catching it out of the air. The plastic is flexible and soft on my mouth when I catch it – and is also smooth to hold, yet grippy when wet and/or slobbery for my parents to throw it effectively.

Apparently these discs are used for frisbee competitions, so you know you are chasing and fetching the real deal when you play with one of these.

4. Best Floating Dog Frisbee for Water and Snow

Ruffwear Hydro Plane floating toy - best dog frisbees

The people at Ruffwear really know how to cater to adventure dogs. Their floating Hydro Plane Disc is designed to float high on water and stay on top of fluffy snow, so you can play with it at the beach, in lakes and on the snow and not worry about losing it underwater as it floats high and is so vibrant in color.

As it’s made from soft foam the Ruffwear Hydro Plane Disc is super light, buoyant and easy to stuff in a backpack and take with you anywhere, even though it is relatively wide compared to the other frisbees in this list, at 12 inches in diameter.

This is my frisbee of choice for when we visit lakes for SUP adventures, like the trip featured in the Instagram post below. To learn more about stand up paddle boarding with your dog and choosing the best board, click here.

5. Best Dog Frisbee All-Rounder

Booda Tailspin Flyer Frisbee The Best Dog Frisbees Border Collie Trail and Kale

While I enjoy frisbees of all types and sizes, the Booda Tailspin Flyer dog frisbee is my favorite all-round flying disc and recommended frisbee for most dogs. Why? It flies well and I can chase it some pretty long distances and still catch it out of the air. It is easy to catch and is soft, with a good mouth-feel!

The Tailspin Flyer frisbee has a firm, rubbery (fabric-coated) rim that is easy to grab if you catch it on the rim, but it also folds and flexes, so you can catch it out of the air at any angle, without having to worry about only being able to grab the rim.

As this frisbee made from fabric it’s soft so my parents don’t worry about any frisbee-related facial injuries if I run into it, which does happen because I chase these discs very enthusiastically….

I can play light tug with it, drop it easily, and it’s quite simply an all-round joy to play with. This makes up for the fact that the center is green.

Plus, as an added bonus, when I catch it in the center it folds in half and looks like I’m eating a watermelon, which is also amusing for onlookers.

I hope my list of the best dog frisbees has helped you and your humans find you an awesome new flying disc. If you’re a frisbee aficionado like me and you have a different favorite that you think we and our readers should know about, let us know in the comments below!

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5 Best Dog Frisbees: For Flying Disc Loving Dogs [Border Collie Approved] 1 - Trail and Kale | Trail Running & Adventure

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